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How iKeyMonitor parental control app helps thousands of parents protect their children



With increasing access to the Internet, laptops and mobile phones by hound children and teenagers, it is but essential for parents to control such access. Easy availability of unjustified and misleading content over the Internet has proven life-threatening for youngsters.

It is an alarming situation now; parents must guide their children to the safer use of the Internet and restrict them from accessing or using websites that have provoking or misleading content on it. Therefore making use of monitors and controllers is a must.

The latest launch in parental control, iKeyMonitor is making waves with thousands of satisfied parents who can now rest their head knowing their kids are safer than before. It allows parents to not only monitor what apps of websites their kids are visiting but also block content or sites which they feel their kids must not use.

How does iKeyMonitor parental control app work?

First of all one thing for you to know is that iKeyMonitor works in stealth mode, which means the user of the phone cannot detect the presence of iKeyMonitor on his or her cellphone. It’s a parental control app that is available for iOS and  Android platforms.

All you need to do is install the app by downloading it and then register it after installation and configuration. But before you leave the phone back do not forget to clear the download history.

The very moment, you install the iKeyMonitor on the phone the software starts logging. You can easily control and configure the settings on the host phone through your phone remotely.

Features of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is a compelling software app for tracking and recording and is primarily used as the parental control app. Here is a comprehensive list of its features

    The app can track keystrokes and send it to you via email. Keystrokes used on keyboards when using text messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Hangout, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. can be quickly recorded. All the recorded text is then sent to the host using email or the cloud panel.

    It allows you to track call log history, track text copied on clipboard along with monitoring every keystroke.

  iKeyMonitor also provides you with the option to take screenshots on the phone using remote access from your phone without the user knowing about it.

    The super cool feature of GPS tracking is exceptionally high, which allows you to track the movement of the phone while the GPS is on. It’s by far the best safety feature that enables parents to know where their kids are and where they are heading.

    It tracks and records log files for all Internet browsing activities or any other activity using the Internet.

    The discrete feature of blocking unwanted apps and websites along with setting screen time limit is an ultimate feature for parents to control and monitor their kid’s activities and usage of the phone.

Well, these features are making iKeyMonitor one of its kind and it’s growing popularity among parents is a proof of its effectiveness.

When it comes to the safety of your kid’s parents can go to any extent. Internet and some Internet-based activities pose a significant danger towards the safety and sanity of your child. Do not consider parental control over phone and Internet usage as a violation of your child’s privacy, as many parents do. It’s for their safety not for controlling them.

iKeyMonitor parental control app is used to safeguard and protect your child from exposure to dangerous and unlawful content that are nowadays readily available on the Internet or through social media.

More parents are now feeling safer with iKeyMonitor installed on their kids’ phone, knowing that they are in safe hands. It’s advice from a parent to all the parents to get this parental control app and protect your kids.

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