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How to use Spotify In India 2016



How to use spotify in india

Spotify is one of t he best Apps for listening music online. you can choose between different genres and artists to match your perfect taste of music. from Electronic Dance Music to Rap it has everything if you are someone who loves listening songs while doing your work or while studying (not recommended) or while doing pretty much anything throughout the day or night then Spotify is the only thing you need. So to use Spotify in India You just need to be connected to Mighty Network of Interconnected Computers and Laptops and various devices or the so-called Internet and a good pair of headphones or Speakers whatever you prefer then no can stop those endless our of continuous playing of the songs of your favorite artist. Spotify is a Very famous app in the U.S along side other apps like Whatsapp, Subway Surfers etc. so here is a quick on How to use Spotify in India

How to use spotify in india

How to use Spotify in India

How to use Spotify in India?

  • First up all you need a browser other than Safari or Internet Explorer. for this tutorial I am using Google Chrome. we can also use Firefox.
  • Go to the Chrome Web store and then search for Ultra Surf or simply follow This Link.
  • Once you download Ultra surf click on connected. once you click on connect you basically connect to a Proxy Server which jumps your connection to another server located in the USA or some other country. so you browse the web through another server which is not Indian, it a US server and this trick will even work on your iPhone;
  • Now to use Spotify in India you need to go to and Sign up for a Free 1account. it will automatically start your download to Spotify app. Once downloaded goo through the installation and enter your account details which you just created.
  • Once everything is done go to the search bar and start listening to your favorite songs and you can use Spotify in India. Spotify Free version has ads which never bothered me while using it and if it does it only $0.99 for 3 Months ! you also have a 1-month free trial.
Note: the concept here is that Spotify considers you a US user and you are good to go pretending to be a US user. if you try to use Spotify without Ultra Surf then it will show, “Spotify is not available in your country.” and you don’t need to connect Ultra Surf every time you want to use Spotify it’s just once in order to use Spotify in India. This trick wouldn’t work on any Windows Phone device

Still cannot get Spotify Working? go follow this Video 😀

So this was pretty much it for this tutorial and now you can use Spotify in India without any Issues. So basically now u can stream and play songs of all your favorite artists now on Spotify and this method is very reliable to use Spotify in India and i guess the only method to get Spotify in India. this will now help you do play and listen your favorite songs and music from anywhere in the world using Spotify and this trick works not only in India but anywhere in the world outside the United States or United Kingdom. so carry your playlist on the go now with Spotify and listen to your favorite artists break free. So this was 1 proven method on How to use Spotify in India and I hope you guys found it helpful, hope to see you here again for more helpful tutorials and windows tricks and tutorials and enjoy Spotify now in India 😉

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