Download Torrent with IDM: – You’re surely here because you don’t want download stuff from torrent but you don’t want to use those Data sucking softwares like Bit-Torrent or UTorrent. Well, you can now use Internet download manager or IDM is a common download manager for direct as well as torrent files. However, most of the people make use of Utorrent, BitTorrent or DC++ and other likely software in order to download the torrent files, neglecting the versatility of IDM. Well, if you need to download torrent with IDM, what you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps as I introduce to you 3 Easy Methods to Download Torrent to IDM and you would be well on your way to getting good quality files at a much better speed.-

How to download torrent with IDM: –

Below mentioned are 3 best methods for downloading torrents with IDM and following these you can easily download torrent without client or convert a torrent to IDM. We will learn the step by step method to each way to do the job in an elaborative manner so let’s jump to the 1st Method.

Method #1. Downloading torrent to IDM via PUTDRIVE-

This one is easy you just need to be following the steps mentioned below and say goodbye to those torrent clients like BitTorrent or uTorrent.



download torrent with idm

  1. Visit the website and register an account in that particular website.
  2. Upload the torrent file, and wait for the approval time so that it will be able to cache it.
  3. Once it has been cached, it will be able to provide you with a direct link to download.
  4. You can click on the link, and use the option of downloading torrent via IDM.
  5. The torrent shall be downloaded to your desired designated folder on your computer.


Method #2. How to use Magnetic Link to download Torrent to IDM: –

In this method you don’t even need to go to any external website. You have your IDM up and running and you can do this within IDM Software! to download torrent with IDM,  go to various open tracker torrent websites.


Torrent to IDM Download

  1. Visit any open tracker torrent websites like or Piratebay etc and search for your desired thing to download.
  2. Now just go to the page from where you would usually download the torrent file and just look for an option/button that says “Magnet Download
  3. Once you click on magnet download button a new window will pop-up in your browser and you will get a long string of text. that is the magnet link of the torrent, then you have to Copy the Magnetic Link 
  4. Once you have copied the magnet link, launch IDM and then go to options and click on Magnet Link and then just paste the previously copied magnet link in that box and press OK your download will directly start with IDM.
  5. After the download is complete, you can open it in your computer and view the desired file. You also might be interested in checking out: Free Music Downloader

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Method #3. How to use BitPort to Download torrent with IDM :-

You shouldn’t be looking for this method as the earlier 2 are the best one’s to do the job but, you can also download torrent with IDM via BitPort and here’s how,

  1. You need to visit BitPort website and create a free account. There is no need to pay any subscription money for this particular tutorial.
  2. An email will be sent to your designated email ID. You can verify your email, after which would be able to gain access to the full website, you can also learn about my guide regarding recovering deleted emails from Gmail in case you loose the mail from BitPort.
  3. Copy the magnetic links from BitTorrent or other torrent sites and paste them onto the Bitport website. It is a very menial task, and should not take you a lot of time.Download torrent with IDM
  4. Allow a few minutes so that the Bitport website would be able to upload them to their own server. It should not take up a lot of time for you. However, the time taken is entirely dependent upon your Internet connection.
  5. After the process of uploading the file to the server is complete, then the caching starts. This happens extremely fast, and there is absolutely no sort of lag in between the two processes.
  6. After this process is complete, you would be able to get access to a direct download link for your torrent file.
  7. Then, you can easily download the torrent file or apps like Subway Surfers or Airdroid or pretty much anything any app, software game or Movie with the help of IDM, or for that matter any other free download manager. You can also use Zbigz Premium account to Download torrent with IDM

So, in effect, you can download torrent with IDM, and not come across any problems provided that you do not do so with the private torrent tracker. After all, they are very specific in not letting you download any file for which they do not have any kind of statistics in terms of uploading versus download ratio.

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So, you can only apply this technique for all the open tracker torrent files. This will also prove to be extremely beneficial for all those files that do not have a lot of seeds and you are not getting a good download speed.

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There are also couple of more ways to download torrent directly without using client or convert torrent to IDM using this tech trick but i will udpate this post in a few weeks with more content and methods as I am researching about the same.

You can also use VPN if any sites don’t work on your end. so I’ll get back to you guys within a few weeks, till then drop your comments below and let me know if downloading torrent with idm worked for you or not.

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