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Are you working in a large office, business, warehouse, or company or maybe you own the place. There is nothing as frustrating than finding out your cellular network or data loads not working. Worse still, when your offices are located in a building with materials that block cell signals from the outside. The HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro is just what you require.

Why HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro

Ease of Installation

The HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro is a simple device that doesn’t require prior network approval. Interestingly, you don’t need a highly trained expert to do the installation. Any person, including you, can follow and implement the setup guidelines in the product’s manual. They are relatively cheaper than the complex and costly DAS integration systems.

Where you cannot follow the guidelines on the manual, you can contact a local electrician or a design engineer to do the installation for you. If you choose this route, ensure they are competent and have an excellent reputation in the industry.

Highly Efficient

With its ability to work with major wireless carriers, the HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro is highly effective. It receives the cellular signal from the outside, amplifies it before rebroadcasting it into your office through its two dome antennas. You can, therefore, stay connected in areas where building materials hamper local tower signal strength. The beauty of it, it works with both 2G, 3G and 4G cellular frequencies. With this, you don’t need to move to a higher ground to attract any signal strengths.

Doubles Network Coverage

The HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro is a dominant commercial signal booster system. Courtesy of its 70dB amplifier, it’s able to boost signal coverage to a maximum of 20,000 square feet.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

HiBoost’s product line is concerned with the reputation they get on the market. If you buy the booster, do the correct installation, and it doesn’t meet the promises given, return it within 30 days. The manufacturer will make a complete refund, and you’ll not incur any loss. So, why don’t you try the product today?

How Does HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro Work

The booster performs its duties in three steps.

The Outdoor Antenna

The outdoor antenna is responsible for sending and receiving signals to nearby towers. You can install them directly or Omni-directly to the cellphone towers.

The Cellular Amplifier

The cellular amplifier, also known as the repeater boosts any signal to and from the cell phone tower. The amplification of the signals depends on the strength of the repeater.

The Indoor Antenna

The indoor antenna is responsible for rebroadcasting cellular signals inside the house. Depending on the kit you buy; some will have their indoor antennas more than one to distribute the signals effectively.

Who Can Use HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro

Well, you’re wondering, why should I use HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro? This booster boasts of two antenna system perfectly designed for areas with high user demands. It’s capable of improving data and voice signals. With this booster; missed texts and emails, and dropped calls are a thing of the past. It’ll help you keep your employees and business connected by offering an active data signal.

If you’re in any of these categories, consider installing this HiBoost Commercial 20K Pro. You’ll not regret the results you get.

  • Remote areas with weak cellular service.
  • Underground regions or any other place where mobile network reception is low.
  • Urban houses with construction materials blocking external cellular signals; glass, plaster, concrete, and steel.
  • Medium and large size offices and apartments with substantial data loads and mobile users.

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