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Hi-tech trends revolutionising policing



With the world becoming more techsavvy, criminals are riding on the waves of technology to advance their criminal games. However, believes that if used well by the concerned state agents, technology can be an effective tool for advancing security. In this post, we shall share out some of the modern techsavvy trends revolutionizing policing. Stay with us to learn how modern technology is advancing safety and security.

Body-Worn Cameras

Initially, we had the traditional CCTV cameras mounted in the streets to monitor criminal activities. However, the game has just gone higher with the police now using wearable cameras that are small enough to fit in their uniforms and even on pairs of glass. These cameras are great tools for ensuring that the police conduct their duties with accountability and transparency since they give testimony to what the police officers do. This way, it is not possible to falsely accuse an officer of engaging in corrupt or criminal activities since they record everything going on around them.

Predictive Analytics

With the world going smart, criminals are also taking advantage of it to take their criminal enterprises to the next level of smartness. In response, the police are now using complex programs that gather information from across different sources such as the Internet, banks, and mobile phone service providers. These tools help them to analyze this information and use it to predict the emergence of criminal engagements. They also share these details with their colleagues to help in the coordination of crime prevention.

3D Crime Scene Imaging

Crime scenes are sensitive sites for the assessment and handling of crime. Initially, the police used crude methods such as sketches and photos. But with this technology, they can scan the whole crime scene digitally in a 3D fashion.

Hi-tech Motion Detection

Motion detection is another front that modern technology is revolutionizing the policing sector. With this new method, the police can use radio waves to detect motion behind walls. Armed with this hightech tool, police officers can now measure the smallest motion and get a clear clue of what could threaten their lives while dealing with criminals.

Robotic Cameras

If you thought body cameras were mindblowing, then be ready to hush when you hear about this new form of camera technology. Termed as the technology of the future, these robotic cameras can be hurled into locations where the police themselves cannot access. Attached to remote controls, these robots can scan dangerous sites and send back all the information they gather on those sites. In addition, they are equipped with infrared sensors that allow them to operate smoothly even in stark darkness. They can also help policing officers to spot criminals and give them layout maps for concerned sites.

Modern technology is helping ease the way the police conduct business under various circumstances. For instance, they help security agents in managing crime scenes, predicting criminal patterns, detecting motion, and increasing transparency among officers in their line of duty.

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