4 Great books that you most probably haven’t read


Do you still claim to have read so many books at your age? I am afraid to confess that there are a few not popular but useful books you need to read before you die. Books are very fascinating and valuable when it comes to expanding one’s knowledge about not only academic researches but also fundamental skills about life. As a student, lecturer or researcher, you need to grab copies of books listed below quickly. These books will build your acquaintance on global issues and life-skills.

1.      War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

I guess you might have read thousands of pages by now so reading another long but interesting wouldn’t be a waste of your time. Engaging thought provoking but serious names, this exceptional novel introduces us to the years during and after the invasion of Napoleon in Russia. Explaining dazzling chronicles of the world and its crumbling aristocracies on war, the author meticulously indicates of seekers, soldiers, and lovers character traits.

This book is very cool because it engages the reader in knowing a lot about enthralling people. Defining traits of 600 individuals, the text educates the readers on how to engage with certain groups of individuals whenever chance prevails. In addition to its historical relevance, the book is a life-changer as stipulated by responses from where some people tell that this book changes their life.

Q: How has this book changed your life?

Kaufman: The book changed my life as one of the most significant self-regulation books that people will ever read. Despite the fact that the War and Peace is a great book, it defines the fundamental of living. The author invites readers to not only settle for prescription by fellow humans but emulate his character in attaining a maximum understanding that keeps away so many questions about life since we will be subjected to an aesthetic life experience.

2.      The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I am very much aware that there is a movie with Leonard, but this does not imply or set you off from reading the Great Gatsby. This literature is a perfect pitch for understanding the movie that was set in jazz roaring in the 20th century. This book is essential in defining key concepts of ambition, love, obsession, money, and traits of vanity. When the author died in 1940, I am surprised that his impact was all forgotten. However, due to recent necessities of life assessment concepts, his work was reinforced by many novelists in America.

Grabbing a copy of this book denoting an interviewed response of Andrea Chalupa,

Q: Please explain how this book has changed your life.

Andrea: I have read and understood this book, I am now enlightened about focusing on what you want to achieve it. The character in the novel longed for something throughout his entire life. It is so ironic to me because I thought he should long for fame, house and money but rather, Gatsby wanted Daisy because she made her happy. From his perspective, I learned that irrespective of the relevance of something longed for, maximum focus into it will make you achieve it.

3. Tell Me a Riddle by Tillie Olsen

You might not be well-versed with Olsen, but the novel describes chronicles of working-class female gender. For instance, “I stand here ironing” titled entry shows that the female gender regrets bravery, self-pity, and wisdom. The author takes the reader in defining the American literature influencing the feminine author. This book is cool because it describes fiction as a writer. Expanding on the theme of love, the author enlightens the reader into distinguishing the relationship between married individuals and the feminine experience.

Q: What can you comment about the book and its significance as a life changer?

Jane: This book has expanded my knowledge on the possibilities of a woman to be mothers and be career women at the same time. When I began to understand this concept, I wasn’t disturbed by my full-invested effort to my family. I realized that I was obliged to do so to create a healthy relationship with members of my family.

4. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

You will cry after reading this book. The author narrates his story full of hopelessness and anguish in love between Ashley and Barnes set over backdrop on a festival in Spain. The author of the book invested his emotions reasoning compared to any of his previously published literature. This book Is fascinating especially when he expresses obsession that succeeds in instilling the passion behind life. As recorded from an interview session below, the book has a considerable impact on one’s life.

Q: How has “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway changed your life?

Precious: Before I read this book, I had a misconception that changing my geographical location could change my life. After gaining a full understanding of the book, I understood that fortune never comes by shifting from one place to another but adjusting your spiritual and psychological status. For real, my life changed when I transformed my perspective of reasoning. We all want to gain wealth, fame and good relationships. Therefore, we need to establish good connections with God and our neighbors. By doing this, our self-absorbed and somewhat misdirected life will be shaped according to our desires.

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