How do I generate more traffic and conversion for my website?


If you are running an online business or blog and want to remain in business for long, traffic and conversion are two critical issues you must learn to resolve. High traffic and good conversion rate can enable you to smile to the bank.

Every online business owner wants to have massive traffic and watch them convert. If these metrics aren’t there, it then means the business is failing and urgently needs help. If your business is in this category already, then use these ideas from term paper easy to boost traffic and conversion rate for your website.

1. Create high-quality content

As an online business owner or blogger, you should always think of adding value when drafting your articles. Your articles should make readers or visitors develop more interested to read and revisit your website whenever they are looking for help in that particular niche.

Work with the simple understanding that Google favors quality contents, and that the good old days of keyword stuffing and ranking higher with worthless lengthy content is over. You can create a web content of considerable length, but it might not rank high if the article in question doesn’t please Google and your targeted audience.

When creating contents, your focal point should be to please readers and search engines. Ensure they are unique, exciting and valuable. Google uses factors like dwell time, which is the average time visitors spend on a webpage, to determine the quality of an article or information supplied. A low dwell-time tells Google that the article isn’t good enough for readers and therefore, should not be ranked higher.

However, to rank higher than other websites you are competing with, and receive more organic traffic, endeavor to create quality content and regularly post things that will stimulate the interest of readers.

2. Use visual contents – infographics and videos

Visual materials are one of the weapons that can help boost traffic that converts to your website. It is no news that they outperform the regular text-based content and can turn visitors into loyal customers. The thing is consumers will favor skimming through an infographic or video content over a lengthy article in most cases. So adding visual materials to your posts can make your website unique and boost conversion rates.

A brief video demonstration of your products or services placed next to a powerful call-to-action can increase the number of customers that will yield to your offer. The simple reason for this is that you will be able to capture their full attention, and they might have a better understanding and react positively to your proposals.

In most cases, there are offers most of your visitors may not find attractive, even after you have put in more effort to create what seems like the perfect article or product description. But by creating an animated explainer video or infographics with similar information, there is a high possibility of boosting conversion rate. With high-quality visual contents, you will not only be able to increase traffic but squeeze out more conversions from your customers.

3. Make testimonials and reviews more visible

Online buyers are smart and are also very much aware of the fact that the number of fake online businesses and blogs with imperfect information is on the rise. That is why reviews and testimonials are very important for any online business. Even if you are offering online essay writing help, understand that online buyers want to be entirely sure that they are dealing with the right provider. They also want to be sure that the decision they took to choose a specific product or service is the best.

Understand that reviews and testimonials on your site can set the stage for consumers to have a stable mind and choose your products or services over others. They can help improve your conversion rate once you have succeeded in increasing the traffic your website receives. You should also ensure that reviews on your site are authentic and unbiased. It would be disastrous for consumers to detect false reviews themselves.

Another thing you can do to boost conversion is to make the reviews and testimonials on your site very visible. Place them in a way that consumers can easily spot them, but don’t make it seem like you are desperate. Also, your reviews should be able to convince consumers to make a buying decision at first glance.

4. Get your call-to-action right

Call-to-action is a powerful tool you can use to boost conversion. But the type of CTAs you draft and area you place them on your website is vital. Have in mind that you have few seconds to convince visitors that land on your webpage before they hit the back button to get to other websites. So, your task is to draft a captivating call-to-action and place in front of your visitors that is where they can easily find it.

You should also understand that only the right CTA would convert. Any call to action you place on your webpage should make sense for that particular situation, as using a wrong CTA, irrespective of where it appears on your webpage might not have any meaningful impact on your conversion rate. Also, learn to make your CTA sound like you are trying to proffer a solution, not like you are trying to take advantage of your visitors. For instance, you can offer a free consultation to attract customers or visitors looking for help.

5. Create a highly responsive website

Your website should be highly responsive and load with incredible speed. You surely don’t want to keep visitors waiting for a page to load when there are thousands of websites out there that they can get the same information.

Also, ensure your website is mobile-friendly so that consumers can access your site irrespective of the device they are using. Understand that Google likes websites that are mobile-friendly, and tend to give more preference to them when it comes to website ranking.

Your website should also have fewer distractions. And if the product or services you are offering is complicated, try to make them a bit simpler.


There are many ways you can boost traffic and increase conversion. But understand you must be highly creative and do things that will make you stand out from the crowd. After optimizing your web pages, there are other things you can do to boost traffic and increase your conversion rate. And work with the mindset that search engine optimization and other efforts you put in to increase traffic is a continuous process and should be a lifetime goal for your online business.


This article talks about how you can boost traffic and conversion rates. So, if you have challenges on these areas of your online business, find out how you can get things back to shape.


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