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The Future of Packaging Technology



Over the past twenty years, satisfying customers’ needs implied just producing the best product available. As the marketplace evolves, so does customers’ expectations, and unfortunately, times have changed. Today’s consumers aren’t as simple to please. They’ve embraced sustainable and eco-friendly packaging in their minds, in addition to demanding packaging manufacturers to share these environmentally-conscious methods.

As packaging and retail businesses are spending more time reconsidering packaging designs and using the right logos and artwork, they require answers to fulfill these growing needs for sustainability. It’s not enough to develop packaging designs with increased functionality and effectiveness – it’s time to talk about shelf performance.

To do this, they’ll have to search for ingenious methods for designing brand-new packaging design techniques. No business wants to be a part of the package failure statistics; but prior to considering new design functions, packaging manufacturers should turn the design process into a science.


Eco-friendliness can be Affordable

As if engaging customers and helping the environment wasn’t hard enough, any packaging designer focused on sustainability needs to begin by finding the possible financial advantages of using eco-friendly products. A great example is package manufacturers realizing that using corrugated cardboard in packaging actually decreases shipping expenses and reduces the amount of product damaged in the process, as well as being a more environmentally-conscious option.

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The solution for recyclable designs requires enhancing resource management and energy intake while incorporating recyclable components. But in order to do this, packaging manufacturers and designing firms need to start using advanced research tools to prevent failing under a twisted process of redundant work and organizational detachment.


Can package designers do more with less?

Today, we can make three tin cans with the exact same amount of products it used to require 30 years ago to make simply one. How is that possible?

Packaging manufacturers have actually made this possible by discovering how to innovate through re-creation— the art of taking current elements and mixing them with previous designs, resulting in completely new concepts. But examining the feasibility of a physical model requires time and resources lots of packaging innovators do not have. And with 50 percent of new packaging performing worse than the design they are replacing, innovators require every tool available to make sure their final product works the way it should.

A Completely Digital Workflow

According to recent studies, packaging designers only have very few second to impress their customers before the move to the next product. With more than 40,000 different products on retail racks, they just cannot afford to let their design go undetected. Retail businesses should have the capability of predicting real customer insights in the context of realistic shopping environments in order to ensure their new creations do well on the shelves.

This is why everyone from manufacturers and design companies to packaging providers and artwork designers require a virtual design template for incorporating visual production, digital comparison, system of record, and diff checker tools to get rid of mistakes throughout the packaging workflow.

The future seems to shift towards a completely digital process, mainly because being able to examine a brand new packaging in a virtual environment is most likely the best way to guaranteeing its success in the market.

This virtual user interface will allow for powerful visualization and design sharing, letting technical packaging engineers team up with commercial designers. Together they can determine optimum design techniques, examine a design’s feasibility from conception, and choose the very best packaging prospects based on customer feedback and manufacturability.

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