How technology is changing the driving experience


The changing pace in our automotive industry has never been faster than it is right now. With advances being made in engine and transmission development, body construction and manufacture, the biggest changes are coming through the power of modern electronics.

Technology is already redefining the way cars are used and feel with electric, hybrid and solar energy systems replacing traditional internal combustion and gas fed engines, creating a new driving force for the future. So how exactly is technology changing the driving experience?

The biggest change already well underway is autonomy. Vehicles now offer consumers active parking assist and advanced cruise control, as well as taking over the throttle, flow of air and fuel into the engine. Many modern cars also feature an Emergency Braking System that uses radars, cameras and lidar technology to assess the road and work out potential collisions. These systems inform the driver that action needs to be taken and if there is no action taken by the driver, the braking system will brake on their behalf.

Telematics, also known as black box insurance is also changing driver habits – and it’s for better! Enabled by cloud-based telecommunications and GPS, this provides a safer, productive and reliable experience for everyone. Black box insurance works with a small ‘black box’ device being fitted into your car, which records speed, distance travelled and during what time of day you are on the road. This device also assesses your style of driving by monitoring your braking and accelerating. It also records the types of road you drive on frequently, to build up a comprehensive profile of you as a driver. This then provides a ‘score’ the company uses to calculate how much you pay for car insurance. Telematics can improve the overall driver experience, making you a safer driver and rewarding you with a cheaper insurance premium. For more information, take a look at WiseDriving black box insurance.

Computers are becoming more involved in the production of cars, as user interactivity has increased massively. These days, every car is produced with some kind of on-board control system that features a wide range of functions. These are either built-in GPS, vehicle temperature and even exhaust emissions. Following the revolution in smartphones, the car industry has also introduced smart dashboards so that drivers can use them effectively as an on board tablet to play music and interact with different parts of the car.

One of the most important features is increased safety. New apps, web connectivity and autopilot features are all making cars a safer experience for everyone, preventing accidents and making drivers more alert on the roads. These sensitive safety features will hopefully become more well-known and used in coming years.

Driving is definitely improving for the better, thanks to technology – and maybe one day, road accidents will be a rarity.

The future of vehicles is fascinating, and this innovative tech will be coming to a car near you a lot sooner than you think. Our relationship with cars, how they work, how we drive, whether we own or co-own is all changing right now. We are entering a world where technology is slowly becoming the future of everything, so it’s time we embraced it for an overall better driving experience.

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