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What Future Apps Should Students Be On the Lookout for in 2019?



Being a student can mean long nights of studying and a heavy amount of work to keep up with. For many people, this can take a lot of planning and mean using the right tools to get the job done. Luckily, with the ever expanding world of mobile and desktop apps, these tools are right at your fingertips.

Microsoft 2019

For years now, students have been dependent on Microsoft Office. From the simple use of Microsoft Word to the more recent use of OneNote to take notes during a lecture, the use of Microsoft has been absolutely crucial to students. This has become even more true as technology has become more advanced and teachers and professors expect everything turned into them to be typed. Even if you use a UK paper writing service, you usually get the essay back in Microsoft Word’s format.

So, students should be on the lookout for Microsoft 2019 which is set to release at the end of 2018. With this set of desktop apps, you will have access to all the latest features of Microsoft Office while keeping the old ones you love. In addition, you will also be able to use the Microsoft Office 2019 apps to keep up with the latest technology requirements when you turn assignments into your instructors.

Anatomy 4D

A fairly new app that will help students in 2019 is Anatomy 4D that is tailored to be used by both faculty and students to help with, well, learning anatomy. This makes it useful to everyone from high schoolers taking basic health and biology to medical students learning the complexities of the human body.

With this app, you will learn anatomy from real photographs as well as augmented reality graphics. You can virtually peel back layers to learn what is inside the human body.

While you can look through plenty of photographs and models, you can test your knowledge as well. After all, there are over 2000 built in questions that will allow you to do so. If an instructor is also using this app, they can create custom questions and quizzes to help students study as well.

Adobe Photoshop

This app is interesting because you probably already have it if you are a graphic design student. What you might notice then, though, is that when you use Adobe Photoshop on your laptop or desktop, you have access to many more features than you do when you work on your iPad, for example.

In 2019, the goal is to make Adobe Photoshop a fully cross-platform app. In other words, this means that you be able to accomplish all the same tasks no matter if you are on the desktop or mobile version of Adobe Photoshop.

The development of this update suggests more than you would think at first glance. After all, if Adobe brings Photoshop to iPad fully, it is likely they will eventually do so for the rest of the Creative Cloud such as Adobe Illustrator.


There are a flood of apps available to you everyday. However, thanks to the fact that making and publishing apps is open to anyone who knows how to cover the basics, not all apps will be made the same. Even with two apps that are advertised to help you with the same tasks, you might find that one is the perfect fit and the other is rather disappointing.

With the apps we have gone over here, you will find that your studying and completing tasks for school to be much more convenient.

As stated before, though, creating apps is an open platform. That means you might find gems that aren’t announced ahead of time. So, while you look out for these apps, you should also keep your eye on new additions that pop up unannounced.

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