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Free Netflix Account Username & Password 2018



Who doesn’t love watching movies and TV shows in their free time? Statistically, every 3rd person in the United States of America prefers to watch movies or any shows to pass their leisure time. However, it is not possible to stay updated with every tv show on the regular basis. So, if this is the same case with you then you need an online video streaming service for the entertainment purposes. Therefore, you need to have to a reliable platform for watching such movies and shows. For the past few years, Netflix is the best source for millions of people on the daily basis. The craze of Netflix has grown over the recent years. However, the paid subscription for a Netflix account always make people think about using it or not. They need to know if it’s worth their money or not.

About Netflix

Netflix is an Internet provider of streaming movies and TV shows online. In simple words, Netflix provides TV Shows and movies that you can watch online exclusively on their service providers. This streaming service allows its customers to watch a wide variety of popular TV Shows of current time. A lot of movies, documentaries and much more stuff is available on Netflix for the users to watch from. Furthermore, it has a feature of streaming the shows and movies without any commercial or any click bait offer. It is a sigh of relief for many Internet users as who won’t like an ad-free online streaming of their favorite TV show? You can enjoy unlimited viewing of the content available exclusively without any single commercial. There are certainly no restrictions on how many times you want to view a same video. Nowadays, every week a new TV show is coming up, Netflix is your perfect source to watch their exclusive shows and match the growing pace of the entertainment world. There is always something new in the market to discover, so why to stand behind? Every month, a lot of new TV Shows and movies are added for the benefit of the viewers. You can watch them all if you own a Netflix account.

Features of Netflix Account

There are a lot of exclusive features which are provided to the people having the membership of Netflix. What is so special about Netflix that you have to get the premium account of Netflix? Let’s read it out as given below are the features of Netflix Premium Account.

• If you get the premium membership of a Netflix account, you will gain an access to hundreds of Netflix exclusive shows which are not made available by any Cable Provider.

• On the regular basis, tons of new shows and movies are uploaded on the website of Netflix. You can watch them whenever and wherever you like to. It’s easy to search any show from the search box given on the top of the home screen.

• There is also a feature of giving a review about any particular show on the site. You can rate any show or movie you are watching. This will help Netflix provide you some set of recommendation according to your level of interest.

• Netflix application is compatible for Android and iOS, so you get a remote access to all the latest tv shows and movies. You can watch them anywhere and whenever you want to.

• After buying the premium membership, you get a Login ID and password which you can use to access your account. The best thing is that it is not limited to a single device. You can use this account on multiple devices. Also, this allows a user to resume his unfinished video from one device to another device.

• You can select the streaming plan on the basis of your budget. Also, these plans aren’t very costly. They sound cheap if purchased for the longer period in one go.

• All the videos are available in the HD quality. Moreover, it is an original content of Netflix so there is no need to worry about anything about the quality product from the same source.

Get free Netflix Account 2018

There are a lot of fake ‘Free Netflix account and password generator’ on the Internet. Therefore, in this article we will provide you with some tricks on how you can get the premium membership of a Netflix account for free. Netflix account is worth paying their membership fees. But why should you pay when you can get it for free? Without further ado, let’s look at some methods on how you can get a free entry in the Premium world of Netflix.

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Method #1. Free Premium Netflix Account for 30 days

Using this method, you can get an access to the premium account of Netflix for first 30 days for free. Just follow these steps on how to do it.

Step #1. Make a new email account with some necessary details. You may or may not provide the personal details. If you already have an email account then you can skip this step.

Step #2. For this method, you need a credit card. Every time a new credit card will be required as you are not charged a buck for the trial period.

Step #3. Now go to the Netflix and make an account over there. Provide the necessary details including the credit card’s.

Step #4. Here is the tricky part. You need to cancel the membership just before your trial pack expires. You will not be charged anything if you cancel before the expiry date of your account’s membership.

Repeat these steps every time whenever you want to watch shows on Netflix.

Method #2. Sharing Netflix Premium Account

Netflix allows its users to use their account on two or more different devices. Therefore, if you get an access to a single account then multiple users can use it by sharing the login ID and password. According to the policy of Netflix, you can create 5 different profiles on a single account. Therefore, it’s easy to share the charged amount between different people.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts 2018

Here is a list of some free Netflix Premium account 2018. We hope you won’t change the password and let it work forever. If one account doesn’t works, try another set of details.

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