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Free movie sites

Downloading online movies has become such a craze with today’s generation that almost daily new free movie sites are developed with an intention to offer the download links of almost every hit movie. But the down part here, is the fact that downloading movies from illegal websites and sources like, can land you with some serious legal trouble.

Also, with the rise and advent of streaming portals such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and many others, watching online movies and TV serials have become so much fun and easy too, at the comfort of your home. But, we understand that sometimes you just don’t want to move out from your comfort zone and spend money on a movie ticket. For such occasions, we are sharing with you a trustworthy list of best free movies sites to lo1ok out for the best online movie downloading experience:

Looking to download an online free movie? Check out the top ten Free Movies sites!

Free movie sites

The Internet Archive:

You will be surprised to know that internet archive is making the entry here and that too at the number 1 position. Gone are the days, about 4-5 years ago, when this portal provided the direct links which even used to fail downloading because of the file size being too heavy than the normal. But, it can now just be considered as a goldmine for all movie fans, along with a huge and good collection of music and books. It offers you to download the free movies in the form of torrents. Their list of free movie collection includes farewell to Arms, The original Jungle Book, Iron Mask, The brother from another planet and other such big hit blockbusters.


Amazon is undoubtedly one big brand name and is now considered to be one of the best free movies sites worldwide. The site has come up with a 30 days free trial for all its new members who signs up and register for an account with the website. It is surely a home to many big hit movies of all time, as well many award winning and critically acclaimed TV shows, which makes it to own the largest and biggest collection of online streaming content.


The other name in the list of best free movies sites is surely the YouTube. The website is known to have the largest collection of videos from all over the world. At the same time, it offers the facility to browse through multiple channels that let you watch online free movies for free that is available at public domain of viewership. Considering its one of the most popular channel naming “The Paramount vault”, is known for its awesome collection of old and classic feature films. The other hit and popular channels of YouTube where you can find more free movies are Maverick Movies, Public Domain Full movies and popconflix channels.

This online portal is successfully becoming one of the best free movies sites. What makes it on our list is the fact that it gets updated every single minute with the biggest hit online streaming videos along with the popular TV Shows. Also, the other best thing about this online portal is that offers everything for free viewership with the most amazing and quality videos links. What else you get with this free streaming online portal is the list of recommended and suggested video and movie links based on your history and choice and that too of super amazing and high quality video content on the go.

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Another on our hit list is the online portal owned by Sony. This is surely counted amongst one of the best free movie sites that offers a simple procedure of an easy signup and then you are required to create a watch list, basis on which you will be shown recommendations considering all your priorities. It has a unique and awesome collection of online movies and TV Shows which you would not find easily on any other streaming channel portal. It successfully runs on android and IOS apps, giving it a plus point again. But the down point here is that sometimes it gets annoying when you get to see a lot of commercial ads popping up on your screen every now and then. If you are okay with ads playing down the line, this website is surely to be counted amongst the best and top 10 free movies sites.

Solar Movie:

With the hundreds and thousands of free movies sites available online, solar movie portal truly deserves to be on the list. It can offer everything that you wish and hope from a free movie website portal. Why it deserves to be on the list, is the fact that if offers the best quality online streaming movies and other popular TV Shows online. But, the only downfall of this portal has been the fact that it has been continuously changing its URL since a long time in the history.

Open Culture:

The next on our list is open cultures which is popular amongst youth for its high quality videos and download movie links from all over the world. What’s more, it is also a home to free online courses, free language tutorials and lessons along with of course the free movies. Founded in the year 2006, it now offers and hosts currently 1500 free movies with an amazing collection of some of the greatest Oscar winning movies in the history.

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This free movie site was earlier counted amongst the top 3 free movie sites. But, over the years, with new websites and other online portals offering the free movies, it has lost its race in the game. But what still makes it to stay in the list is the fact that it gets updated in a jiffy, if any need or problem arises. It also holds a collection of some of the recent and new hit releases over the time.

Movies Found Online:

As the name of the website itself suggests, it is a home to almost every movie ever made. What’s best and unique about this portal is the fact that it independently curates online free movies, films, popular TV Shows, and the hit stand-up comedians’ video in the list. Also, it actively works at the backend as well and quickly deletes the links or videos, if there is any copyright or infringement issue involved.


This online portal can said to be debutante on the list of best free movies sites online. It is not easy for a new website to take up the deserved space in this section of free movies download. But, this portal quickly did it in just a short span of time. What made us to consider this online portal is that it makes it so darn simple to watch a movie or download a movie here! All you are required to do is to press play and you are good to go. This online portal also doesn’t make you disturb with lots of ads in between, no gimmicks and along with it, it offers some super amazing quick and real time updates on the go. All these features and much more, makes this website to truly deserve a place in the list of best and top 10 free movies sites online.


Hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 free movie websites brought to you by techavy. You can easily watch free movies online on these 10 sites without a hickup. All of these movie sites have been tested by us personally to watch movies online for free on these free movie websites.

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