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Folx Pro Review – Best Mac App?



If you are currently seeking for a decent torrent client for your Mac, you should take a look at such app as Folx. This is one of those high-quality software products, allowing users to keep a check on all downloads. Let’s discern about this software product and study up its merits and flaws.

What is Folx?

This is an application for Mac computers, which performs two features: serves as a torrent client and a download manager. In other quarters, its primary aim is to help Mac users to control downloaded files. To do this, it is enough to open the webpage, containing the file which must be downloaded, click the link in the browser and the app will begin the downloading procedure. If the downloading is stopped because of some reasons, the app will continue the process when it is possible.

The free trial comprises several basic options. Nevertheless, if your overarching priority is to get more, you ought to prefer the Pro version, which is endowed with an awful lot of useful options.

The developers combined all torrenting features in one simple application. Now, everything that is necessary for a smooth work is combined in one simple application because users aren’t made to outrun between several apps with the aim to download several files from the cyberdomain. For that reason, if your primary target is to organize a smooth workflow for the torrent procedure, Folx Pro is an ideal option for this.

Overview of the Main Options

Folx Pro is packed with a bunch of cool features. They are as follows:

  • Have a chokehold on all downloads. The program enables you to keep things, downloaded from the internet according to their size and type. You can do this through the use of a tag system. Except for separating films from images, every tag can be linked to the location (if necessary). This system helps users to find necessary files faster. Otherwise stated, you shouldn’t rack your brains over the question where to find the doc, which was downloaded a week ago.
  • Schedule Downloads. Now, users of the pro version can appoint a time when the app can start or finish downloading. Besides, the software asks you what to do next, when the downloads are already completed.
  • Downloading from Youtube. Users aren’t obliged to use in-browser converters.
  • Downloading from direct links.
  • Users can pose downloads and renew them later.
  • Folx divides huge setup files into up to 10 small parts. In doing this, the download procedure lasts faster.
  • The download process is machine aided. It doesn’t influence the connection bandwidth. When the app performs its main function, you can freely browse the web and do what you want.
  • Pro version performs the search of any content type which is available at different torrent trackers.
  • You can send downloaded files to iTunes playlist. Commonly, this procedure is automatically-controlled. The app decides what file matches the appropriate filter and adds it to the list.

As you see, the pro version has much more useful options than the free one has. Folx is acknowledged to be a top-quality and proven torrent client for Mac computers. In light of this, it is definitely worth investment especially if your everyday work is related to handling a bunch of downloads. The application allows you to organize all of them because it uses a distinctive sorting system.

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