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How to fix files on the external drive not showing an error?



Windows 10, or for that matter Windows is an indeed a great operating system by any standard. But, it is not without any errors. You may come across several error messages. One such issue one may be facing with can be with the External Drive that you occasionally connect to your device. Files saved on the external hard drive may not be visible sometimes. How to fix files on the external drive not showing anerror? Let us find it in this concise article.

External Hard Drives have brought a great deal of convenience to your needs. However, at times, we find that when the external drive is connected to your computer, you may not be able to find any file on it. But, you are very sure that the files do exist on the external HDD that you have connected. Even the search through Properties lets you know that the disk has data that is under use.

Quite a few users face the issue on their devices and have been looking for the ways to resolve it. We hope that a couple of tips indicated here should be able to provide you a resolution to the issue you may be facing.

Enable Hidden Files View

Under normal circumstances, the file explorer on your Windows will not show the hidden files. This is applicable to the external drives as well. Enabling the hidden files view option can make the hidden files visible. In fact, this would be the first option you need to try when you fail to view files on theexternal hard drive.

  • Launch the File Explorer.
  • Click on View tab from the top menu.
  • Now locate Hidden Items under Show/Hide section.
  • Check the option Hidden Items.

If the files on the external hard drive you have connected to your computer have the Hidden Attribute, they should now be visible. Please note that the method will only unlock the Hidden File Attribute from the files on all folders.

Use CHKDSK Command

If you are not able to resolve the issue with the help of unlocking the Hidden Attribute, it may be an indication that there are a few corrupt files on the drive. You may use the CHKDSK command to check for the errors on the disk and then fix them if any.

  • Type in CMD in the Windows search box.
  • From the search results, right click on Command Prompt and choose Run As Administrator.
  • On the command window, type in chkdsk X:/f where X stands for the drive letter that corresponds to your external drive.
  • Let the command finish checking the drive for errors and then fix the errors if any.

You may also use the command attrib -H -S X:\folder name /s /dwhere X is your drive letter. This will remove all attributes from the files in the drive.

This should fix the corrupted HDD and help you from data loss in the future.

Use Third-party Data Recovery Tools

If both the above means fail, it could be an indication that the Hard drive has failed or has developed errors. You can use third-party hard drive recovery tools so that you can recover the data and then attempt to repair your drive.

You have access to a host of data recovery tools that can be helpful in recovering your precious data. MiniTool Power Data Recovery, for example, offers you the best results in recovering all your data from a nonworking external drive. These tools are even capable of recovering data from damaged drives.

Before We Leave..

If you are facing the issue of the files on an external hard drive not being visible, the fixes featured here above should be helpful enough in sorting out the issue. There can be several reasons that can cause the files on external hard drives being not visible. However, if such an eventuality hits you, we would advise you not to write anything on the drive until the issue is resolved. Writing data on the drive may cause the existing data to be rewritten.

Do use the options we have featured here above and do let us know of your experiences.

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