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Five ideas for your startup if you are a student



If you wish to contribute something valuable to the society or you simply want to make money while you’re a student, we’ll give you five super great ideas how you can develop your own business. You don’t have to be rich to start. We have consulted business experts from  that cooperate with thousands of students every year what they think about business ideas for students. And we have come to five best ideas that we’ll share with you below.

Cleaning service

You will need the minimum experience of cleaning your own apartment. You don’t need to invest big sums of money to start. Just tell all the people you know that you need money and you are ready to perform the cleaning service of a high quality. You will probably spend a longer period of time the first few times and then you will do your work faster and faster.

Delivery service

You can take a little parcel and bring it to the required destination for a specific sum of money. There are various companies where you can apply to or you can start your own company in your local district. If you have a car, you will be able to use it for big parcels. If you use your feet for delivery, you won’t need any investments but a pair of good shoes. And a bottle of water to take a few sips when you get tired.

Writing service

One more thing that you can sell is your writing skills. Here we mean that you can write papers, essays or do someone else’s homework for money. You don’t need money to start, but you have to work hard and study hard to reach a specific level of expertise. Tell your mates that you are very clever and you can do any task within a short period of time. And prepare firm reasons for choosing you and your service that you will tell other students.

Monetizing your hobby

If you love swimming, you can teach others to do this. If you love baking, you can sell your cakes. If you love riding a bike, you can teach kids to do this. Make up a list of twenty things you can do well that can bring you some money. Think of what you already know and you are sure you can start doing it tomorrow. If you cannot choose one list item to start with, make up your choice randomly. And start away.

Looking for investors

If you have a great idea and you need money to implement it, it’s time to find investors. Don’t consider this to be risky. It’s time to grow up and learn to present your personality and your great ideas in front of the public. Find valuable reasons for giving you big sums of money and give clear figures and deadlines to the investors. There’s a lot of money in the world, so you just need to go and take it.

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