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How do fitness trackers track sleep?



As the lifestyle of people is changing, people find it hard to spend the required amount of time and effort on their health. One of the key reasons why people become careless about their lifestyle is lack of awareness about their daily routine.

A fitness tracker very much solves this problem by giving an analysis of your walk and also your sleep. An ample amount of sleep is very much vital for a healthy body. Many people fail to provide the essential importance to their sleep pattern which in turn ends up affecting their health further.

A fitness tracker can keep track of your sleep pattern and the amount of sleep you have on a daily basis. If you want to understand the method which a fitness tracker utilizes to track your sleep, then you should check this post.

The method that fitness trackers utilize to track sleep is called actigraphy. The sleeping level is determined by your activity when you are sleeping. The particular software then translates this activity pattern to analyze your sleep and provide the required data.

Most people have problems while sleeping and the use of information gathered from a sleep tracker can help them to diagnose the condition. The actigraphy device is recommended by many clinical experts for patients with sleep disorders.

There are plenty of benefits of tracking the sleep with a fitness tracker, and hence many people have been purchasing them. As the demand of such trackers is increasing, the market has started to flood with numerous options however not all of them are worth the price at which they come at.

What to look for when buying sleep tracker

Following are some of the critical things to look for in a fitness tracker when buying them-

Accuracy of results

Make sure that you buy a fitness tracker that gives results as accurate as possible. The type of software used in this regards is essential, and you may have to consider reviews of past buyers to choose the right one.


As most of the fitness trackers are worn 24X7, it is imperative to buy one that can withstand rough usage. Quality of material used to make a fitness tracker plays a vital role in this regards.


Your fitness tracker needs to be comfortable especially if you are using it to track your sleep. Many people complain of facing troubles during sleep because of the tracker which is often because of a poor design.


Price of different trackers varies massively in the market. There is no point in spending a significant amount of money for a tracker just because of its name however you need to compare the various factors to ensure that you are getting value for your money.

The accuracy of different devices varies considerably. The kind of software that device uses to analyze the activity data extracted during sleep will determine the quality of results. When you look at the data of your sleep pattern, don’t be shocked by the results. Many times we feel that we have had a good night sleep even if we didn’t. A sleep tracker can only track and give you the real results.

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