Fitbit is an activity tracker device to track heart rate, steps, sleep and some personal metrics. It is an American based company established in 2007 by James Park. This is a wireless-enabled device can be wearable. This also syncs with your iPhone/Android to get the result. The Fitbit devices also designed with dongle facility to sync the data.

How to fix Fitbit when not syncing with iPhone?

Syncing is nothing but data transfer from Fitbit tracker to your device through Bluetooth. The syncing process may vary from iPhone to Android device and computer so in order to that we’ll need to reset Fitbit.

Steps to sync Fitbit with iPhone

  • Open the settings from your iPhone.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth settings and make sure your toggle is enabled.
  • Log-in to your Fitbit account by using the email ID and password.
  • Turn on all day sync to get the everyday update.

After completing the above procedure, the Fitbit data for all day will automatically transfer to your iPhone.

When your tracker fails to sync follow the steps

  • The first thing you have to check out for the Fitbit tracker battery.
  • Every time was opening the Fitbit app it will initiate the sync so open and close if your tracker sync won’t work.
  • Try to disable Bluetooth settings and enable again.
  • Similarly turn off and on your iPhone.
  • After doing all the above procedure, still, your tracker won’t be able to work better uninstall your Fitbit app and re-install it.
  • Restart your tracker it may take few minutes.

If the tracker is damaged, you have to replace it and then sync it with your Fitbit account. These processes can be done by turn on Fitbit app and go to account then choose new Fitbit device and replace it. Similarly, you can change your time zone.

How to fix Fitbit when not syncing with android?

Fitbit blaze is the activity tracker currently it comes up like the watch, for example, smart watches come with some excellent features. Similarly the Fitbit trackers available as the wrist watch. This Fitbit blaze can be sync with Android devices. At the beginning the Fitbit not sync with Android devices. This will work only a few dedicated model Android devices. The main problem is Fitbit does not sync with all devices. Few devices couldn’t be connected; they are Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Note5, and Google pixel phone. These devices will not experience the same issue.

When you start to connect the Fitbit blaze with Android the Fitbit companion app failed to detect the tracker and complete the pairing procedure. Few people can manage to identify the tracker and fail to sync with the Android device. And some other gets success on both tracking and syncing but fails when accessing the Fitbit app notification gets crashed.Python is a general purpose programming language created in the late 1980s, and named after Monty Python, that’s used by thousands of people to do things from testing microchips at Intel, to powering Instagram, to building video games with the PyGame library. Learn python by taking python training in bangalore by zekelabs.

The other major failures are re-pairing, re-setting, Bluetooth setting and re-installing.

To sync Fitbit with Android

  • Enable your Bluetooth from Settings
  • Open the Fitbit icon on your Android phone/device.
  • To access your account enter the email Id and password and then automatically your data’s updated.
  • Turn the everyday sync to track your set up
  • After enabling the above step, your daily data will be sync to your Android device.

To manage the sync issue Fitbit recently released latest Android versions for Fitbit tracker activity. The most recent activity tracker application Fitbit one or Fitbit Zip connect Bluetooth 4.0. This new version will allow you to sync with the collected data. You can log on to the details of food, calories burn on a day and sleep patterns, etc.

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