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World’s Best CryptoCurrency Lottery – Fire Lotto Review



Fire Lotto is a blockchain lottery that has just been launched. It features an exactly similar concept to that of traditional lotteries. Everything on Fire Lotto is built on ETH smart contracts and it is a 100% decentralized lottery platform. What’s interesting and notable about Fire Lotto is that it is a finished product. If you look at other ICOs, most of them are not backed up by any product prototype. That’s not the case with Fire Lotto. It’s already launched and has huge potential for growth in future.

Fire Lotto – Highlights

This blockchain lottery seems very promising for both users and investors. With the pre-ICO Launch almost here, you as a user or investor should know more about Fire Lotto. Let us have a look at the major highlights of Fire Lotto.

  • Fire Lotto shares a similar concept to that of traditional lotteries. It is easily understandable and even users with the most basic knowledge of computers can figure out how to use it.
  • Fire Lotto is a completely decentralized lottery platform. It is a fully transparent lottery blockchain.
  • After each draw, winners are paid automatically – keeping winnings safe.
  • Everything is set up around ETH smart contacts on Fire Lotto.
  • Users can play Fire Lotto from any device without the need of an app.
  • You stay completely anonymous on Fire Lotto.
  • Secure payments and only one click away.
  • Generate secure random numbers based on the Bitcoin decentralized protocol.

These were the major highlights of Fire Lotto. As you can see, it is far different from other blockchain lotteries. It has a new concept with full responsibility of security. Fire Lotto will surely get a lot users interested.

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What does Fire Lotto mean for investors?

As an investor, you can benefit from the Fire Lotto pre-sale. Fire Lotto tokens or FLOT will be sold at a low price in the pre-sale stage. You will receive a commission from each ticket that is sold.

If you are worrying about security issues then don’t. Commission payouts for Fire Lotto are secured by smart contacts. Since, the price of Fire Lotto tokens is expected to increase constantly, you can make a lot of profit.

You should not miss out on this chane and get FLOT tokens in the pre-sale stage. Fire Lotto is an ICO that has potential for huge growth and there is a lot of money for investors to be made out of it.

To pay sales commission, Fire Lotto has a remarkable concept. On the second day after the ICO closes, the first distribution of commission among token holders will be done. The commission will be paid in ETH to the token holders.

Once the initial distribution has taken place, under 30 minutes the lottery tickets sales commission will be paid after each lottery drawing.

Overall, Fire Lotto is a remarkable lottery blockchain with a strong core concept. The lottery has launched in operating mode and users get access to all the features. If you are an investor or a lottery fanatic then you should definitely keep an eye for the pre-ICO sale.

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