As more and more internet users worldwide are now using their mobile phones to shop for their products and services, there is a compelling reason to set up a mobile e-commerce store to tap into the growing demand over the internet. Over half the world population is now connected to the internet and there is no better time for you to start an online business than today.

One of the fast and relatively easy way to dive into the e-commerce field and land on your feet is by investing in an already established business that is already bringing in profits or has great potential for scaling. There are a lot of businesses for sale which are an excellent fit for products or services that you already provide or are within a niche that you are passionate about.

However, there is more to running a successful online business than just buying one that has proven to make a profit. Think about it; there are many other websites selling products just like yours, probably targeting the same geographical area as you do. You want to edge out competition and get the most significant market share, especially if you are looking for businesses for sale in Michigan to break into a niche market.

When buying an online store, there are four questions you need to ask yourself. These are;

1. Who is your target audience?

2. How will you measure the success of your mobile store?

3. What design factors will affect the conversion rate at your store?

4. Which layout is ideal for your products?

Without any further adieu, let’s seek to answer these critical questions.

Who is your target audience?

Your target audiences are the shoppers most interested in your products. How hard is it to figure out who these shoppers are? Well, did you know that there are actually four types of customers from your audience group? Have a look at these personas below:

The deal lover

These are customers who love a bargain. They will only shop at your store whenever you have offers, vouchers,, Groupon deals or anything that will save them some money.

The Comparer

The comparer will always visit your online store not necessarily to shop but to check on prices for comparison with other retailers.If they find that your prices are better than your competition, than they may buy.

The time passer

These are visitors who like to pass the time just browsing through your product list. They never buy or wishlist and you should not try to retarget them with your marketing efforts.

The social shopper

Lastly, we have the social shopper. A hyper and always excited customer who will like, share and follow all your posts, these are the types of customers you want to focus on converting.

By knowing and understanding all these mobile shoppers, you will be able to design your e-commerce site and marketing campaign in a way that meets their expectation and can convert them into paying customers.

How will you measure the success of your mobile store?

You will never achieve anything without a set target, and you can never know you’re successful without tracking your progress. Therefore, whether you are targeting a 35% or 150% growth in conversion rate from your mobile e-commerce store, you should determine the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track. You should also know if the site comes with custom analytics features or uses 3rd party plugins. Finally, assess your proficiency with the available tools and website features.

What design factors will affect the conversion rate at your store?

When buying a mobile eCommerce site, you don’t have the luxury of being able to make too many changes to the website. Therefore, knowing which features and functionality are most important to your business will allow you to choose a web store that already factors in these design specifications or can be easily modified to fit your needs.

Which layout is ideal for your product?

,The layout of your product pages should be attractive to your customers. This means that you have to get the typography right, use the correct sizes of photographs and keep the descriptions short and succinct.

In conclusion, these are the top things you should always consider whenever you are looking to buy an e-commerce store. Get in touch with a reputable broker who will help you find the perfect store for your online business venture.

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