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Enjoy Physics with Byju’s-The Learning App



Byju’s-The Learning App is an educational platform which helps students to learn concepts in an interactive, engaging and effective way. The mobile application was launched in the year 2015 and was downloaded by over 2 million users within few months of its launch. It is the leading learning app in the educational sector. Every year millions of students are benefiting and improving their academic performance by joining Byju’s. There are thousands of Byjus App reviews which show that it is the best educational app.

Physics is a very interesting subject but often students claim that it is difficult to learn the physics theories, formulas, and equations due to complex concepts. There are a lot of books to study physics but the most helpful way to learn physics is through visualizing the concepts. Students will not need to carry heavy books along with them as they can get every topic along with comprehensive definitions and examples in Byju’s app. Here are some benefits of learning Physics using Byju’s-The Learning App.

Visualizing the concepts

Physics is full of different theories and concepts. One of the main problems that students face while studying physics is understanding these concepts. Byju’s provide students with 3D animations and in-air projections in the video lessons to make the students visualize the concepts easily and retain them for a longer time.

Topic wise coverage

Physics is a kind of subject where if a student doesn’t understand the concepts of a particular topic then he or she will not understand the chapters related to it. Byju’s physics course is designed in such a way that students can learn and understand each and every topic with ease.

Adaptive learning

Physics is full of interesting topics like projectile motion, thermodynamics, kinematics, wave, etc. Sometimes students face difficulty in understanding these concepts and keeping pace with other students in their classroom. With the help of features in Byju’s App such as Adaptive Learning, students with different capabilities can learn at their own pace.

Doubt clearing

In schools or classrooms, students don’t get the opportunity to clear all their doubts all the time. Sometimes students also forget their doubt due to the unavailability of teachers around them. Byju’s App provides personal mentors to the students and they can ask their doubt any time. Students can feel like having a teacher with them all the time.

Know more about Byju’s by joining the leading educational app in the country. Subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on interesting physics topics.

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