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3 Ways that EMR Consulting can benefit your practice



It is now possible to have all of your patient records in the electronic form. The EHR or EMR is a means of collecting patient information in a systematic manner so that these records can be stored and shared digitally. The EMR information can be shared across the many medical settings such as in network connected systems within a hospital, insurance companies, and health ministries and so on.

There are many Benefits of Healthcare IT services & solutions for medical practices. As a medical practitioner or a medical institution, there are many ways you can benefit from through the EMR systems. When compared to the physical paperwork in recording and retrieving patient information, the EHR or EMR system is way more efficient and reliable. The fact that the EMR information can even be stored in the clouds means that you are dealing with accurate medical information for patients in relation to demographics, immunization, medical history, and allergies, among other parameters.

Here are 3 ways EMR consulting can be of benefit to your practice:

1. Accessibility

Technology is important in all aspects of medicine these days. As such, when you want accessibility in your medical records, you have to invest in the EMR systems. This is the only way you can integrate the medical records of your patients to the running of your medical facilities. With the electronic medical records, as opposed to paper medical records, one can access their patient records with ease. With this, the medical team can easily coordinate the care of patients with the ease and precision that is required. This would come in handy especially in emergency and complex medical cases where patients’ records are needed for better administration of treatment.

2. Real-Time Records

One of the biggest advantages of EMR consulting is the ability to ease the transmission and sharing of medical records in your medical practice. Unlike the physical paper records that have to be carried by doctors and patients from one specialist to another, the electronic medical records are available in real time. Doctors’ notes, test results or even diagnostic images are input into the system and become available to all the medical team members who require them. In this regard, as many physicians as possible can have access to these records and efficiently use them as they would require them.

It is also true that this EMR can be shared by medical personnel from anywhere in the world. These records can be used to refer patients to facilities abroad and this would be helpful in assisting doctors to make a better diagnosis and get accurate information from patients. Reference to the previous EMR stored in another facility that the patient will have visited makes the work of treating the patient easy and convenient.

3. Safety and security

When compared to the paper files, EMRs are stored in secure databases. As such, these records can never be lost or misplaced in any way. There is no way these files can be destroyed by fire or any other disasters. With the file backups, these files are always safe and information can always be retrieved by authorized personnel only.

With the EMR, when a prescription is written, the EMR system will provide an automatic check of issues such as drug-to-allergy interaction. Drugs that cannot be prescribed together would definitely be rejected by the system checks. With this, a patient will never be given improper medical prescriptions.

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