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4 Efficient ways to track time and attendance of employees



Tracking the time and attendance of your company’s employees has now become easier. Yes, you have read it right. Gone are the days where you need to manually list each employee and record their time and attendance on paper. Gone are the days where you need to deal with a lot of papers and salary calculations. Gone are the days where employees complain about mistakes in their time and attendance sheets. Yes, those days are already gone, buried in the past.

With this era’s technology, everything can be automated; even tracking the time and attendance of your employees can be automated. Today, business managers and IT experts have been working hand in hand in order to innovate and constantly develop gadgets, software, advance system and equipment that will make the management of employee time and attendance more efficient and accurate. To give you some examples, below is 4 efficient ways to track the time and attendance of your employees that will surely make your work a lot easier.

1. Biometrics

Utilizing the biometrics technology in tracking the time and attendance of employees have been gaining in popularity these days. This is because biometrics work by using a specific employee’s physiological trait, usually the fingerprints, as the unique code for that particular employee’s daily time in and time out. Biometrics reduces the risk of time and attendance frauds because only the specific employee can access and successfully add time to their work record. If they don’t log through the biometric system, then they will be simply listed as absent.

2. Time and attendance tracking software

Next on the list is the time and attendance tracking software. Arguably the best and most efficient method, albeit most expensive too, this software is specially designed and developed for the tracking of employees’ time and attendance. With the software, managers and owners will be able to receive real-time reports about the attendance and time of their employees. There are also additional benefits such as productivity charts and other analysis that can help the managers in determining the common times or days where employees are mostly absent or the common times where the employees are performing well. This information and data will allow the management to create and develop policies that will help improve the employees’ productivity. This software can also help streamline the payroll of the employees as they can automatically compute the salaries of each employee.

3. Cloud-based time and attendance software

When you say cloud-based time and attendance software, it means that the software is being hosted by a third-party server and not installed in your company’s system. With a cloud-based software, you would be able to cut expenses on having a dedicated IT employee on your payroll. The only downside to this is that you are exposing some sensitive information about your company, but if you are fine with it, then there is no reason to not adapt a cloud-based time and attendance software.

4. GPS to mobile tracking software

If you have many employees on the field, then a GPS to mobile time and tracking software will be the answer. By running the software, which will consistently capture the location and time of your employees via GPS, you would be able to accurately track and judge their work progress.

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