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How to make the most of your email marketing



Email marketing is an indispensable tool in today’s times. One cannot really overlook its effectiveness and the position it holds in marketing metrics. It is easy to deploy, can be personalized and allows you to send a large volume of information in no time. While there are several advantages you can enjoy through email marketing, there are also risky aspects to it.

Email deliverability is an issue that has been widely discussed over the past few years. Due to invalid and fake email addresses, and also spam traps and toxic domains that will end up in your list, your marketing emails are not delivered to the rate you would expect. Thanks to high technology, this issue can now easily be overcome by using an email verification service.

A brief look at how marketing efforts are compromised because of the lack of email verification

Nowadays, it is vital to have an email list to send your newsletters to and grow your brand awareness and your sales. But what’s even more important is to make sure that list is clean and free of risks.

Here are a number of issues that arise when your email list is messy:

  • You won’t reach your target audience. If your database has not been scanned and cleaned of invalid addreses and spam traps, you will be sending emails in vain or to the wrong people.
  • That’s why you may be marked as spam. This will result in getting blacklisted, which is very detrimental to your business.
  • Your bounce rates will be high. This will affect your key metrics and will misguide you.

Let’s take a look at how using an email verification service can improve this scenario.

Using a service that can perform email verification is an advantage like no other. A software like that will effectively check your email list and eliminate invalid addresses and bots. Furthermore, there is a variety of other features it brings along:

  • Email Append is a major feature you get access to. A good email validation service will determine the name, region, gender and other details of the recipient. This will help you know your subscribers better.
  • Email Bounce Detection lets you know which addresses will cause your emails to bounce. This ensures that you are reaching out to the right audience, while keeping your sending scores high.
  • Disposable Email Detection is another feature with great benefits. It helps uncover fake email addresses used purely for traffic purposes and it is as useful as the email abuse detection feature.

With so many benefits, one must try an email verification service today!

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