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How to earn money form Adsterra



Being a blogger, I keep on looking for the best advertising network to monetize my blogs and to recommend others. Although there are hundreds of advertising networks in the market, but you can’t trust every other network.

Every other day, you will find the complaint that some network has closed the operation, or they have banned accounts after reaching some figure or delaying payment. These are pretty common issues found in the online forums. And so, I keep on finding the alternative options.

Recently, I came across a wonderful advertising network, Adsterra and this post is all about this ad network. We will see different features of the Adsterra advertising network and will also see how it is beneficial for the publishers and advertisers.

Let’s start and start exploring Adsterra!

About Adsterra Network

Adsterra Network is a leading ad network serving ads for both advertisers and publishers. It all got started in 2013 when the foundation of Adsterra was made. Since then the company has grown by multiple folds and in 2017, they were generating 10 Billion impressions per month. Although they’re based in Cyprus but serving across the globe with 190+ different geography.

  • 10 BN impressions per month
  • 190 geos covered
  • 20k successful campaigns
  • 6000k leads last month

USPs of Adsterra Network

Adsterra touched 10 BN impression a month way back in 2017 and that was the great milestone for any ad network.

These have not been possible without the awesome service and the below features of the network-

Personal Account Manager

Every advertisers and publisher get a personal account manager who is capable of speaking and understanding multiple languages. They will be monitoring your campaigns and whenever required they will advise you to optimize it. Using that you’ll be getting better ROI on your campaigns.

Excellent Tracking & Favourable CPM

As Adsterra offers a different model of advertising like- CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI) and so Adsterra will help you select the best campaign type. This is applicable to both advertisers and publishers. Also, if you’ve more traffic from the desktop then the optimization will be different than the traffic coming from mobile.

Real-Time Statistics

From your respective dashboard, you will be able to get the real-time statistics about your campaigns. The benefits of such reports are, in real-time you can get hold of your campaign and act accordingly. If some of your campaigns are not performing well, you can get into that immediately.

Adsterra Ad Formats

Adsterra offers a wide range of ad formats to their advertisers and publishers. You can select the one depending on your product and target market if you’re an advertiser or depending on your niche and traffic if you’re a publisher.

Here are some of the ad types and formats available with Adsterra which you can use smoothly.

Leader Board Ad- This is the best ad format if you are trying to make a buzz. Here a banner will be shown beside the logo on any websites. The ad size available is – 468×60, 728×90, 320×50.

Popunder Ads- In this ad, a separate window will be open in the background and once you will close the main window, it will be available to you. Adsterra also offers retargeting option here.

Video Banners- This is the new kind of ads introduced by very few networks including Adsterra. They’re pioneer in making video ads. Based on CPM model, video banner ads can be integrated to any publishers’ content.

There are different options for the mobile ads types and formats which you can explore further.

Adsterra for Publishers

If you are looking for best value to your traffic, Adsterra is for you!

Adsterra’s smart technology-enabled platform helps you to get most of the traffic using any of the above ad formats. The integration and earning from Adsterra as a publisher is quite simple and follows like this-

To get started with Adsterra as a publisher, you can quickly register your account with them and quickly become Adsterra Publisher. Once done, you can generate the ad code and add on your website. Once done, you’ll start earning depending on your traffic and source with location. Here are some of the features provided to the publishers by Adsterra-

  • High CPM rate
  • Ads are safe for the search engine and user-friendly
  • Ad formats available for both mobile and desktop
  • Timely payment
  • Dedicated account manager

Adsterra for Advertisers

Good deals of active advertisers are advertising their products and services constantly on the Adsterra. And so, if you are also looking to get your product in front of millions of customers at a very affordable price, Adsterra is for you. Here are some of the features for advertisers-

  • Pay for performance- Based on ad type, campaign type
  • Multiple targeting options- Based on geography, language, browser, device, operating systems, and many others
  • Retargeting options – available with Popunder ads
  • Advanced optimization
  • Real-time targeting and many more

Retargeting with Adsterra

Retargeting is something which helps you increase the conversion with the same traffic. You are not paying anything extra but getting more sales. Here is a simple working method for retargeting-

Adsterra Referral Program

You can also get some extra bucks by referring your friends at Adsterra. No matter you’re an advertiser or publisher, you can refer them and earn 5% of what they will earn or spend which is a handsome amount. And the best thing is, it is for a lifetime.


This was all about the Adsterra ad network. If you’re an advertiser and are fed up with the generic traffic which doesn’t convert, get in touch with Adsterra and see how your campaigns will start generating great ROI. You can become Adsterra advertiser with just a single click as advised above.

Also, if you’re a publisher then consider joining Adsterra to get the best for your traffic You’ll find the difference for sure.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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