Why You May Need To Obtain DNS Monitoring Services


It is very possible that certain individuals will be able to infiltrate your server online. For example, if you have a dedicated server that is hosted with one of the larger hosting companies, they might be able to get into that server if the traffic is not monitored. Your DNS refers to the location which is associated with your domain name. When you change your name servers when you purchase a domain, that domain is now associated with that hosting provider. They can follow this, all the way to your server, unless you are able to protect yourself from potential attacks. There are several reasons why it is so important to obtain DNS monitoring services to prevent these attacks from occurring.

How Are They Able To Infiltrate Your Server?

The first way that they are able to do this is to send what could be several thousand requests to your server. This is called a DDoS attack, something that is typically coordinated by one person that has control of what could be tens of thousands of malware that are located on computers all throughout the world. Coordinated attacks like this can often overload a server, and that’s why you need to have protection. The other possibility is that they could actually try to send the malware directly to that server, or you may inadvertently load this on your computer systems for your business. This can all be coordinated from any location in the world as long as they have an ISP that connects them to the web.

How Do You Protect Against These Attacks?

Protecting yourself against these attacks requires you to work with DNS monitoring services. They will have a separate server, one that will have a couple different software programs that are designed to filter through all of the traffic. When they see thousands of requests coming in, this is obviously a denial of service attack. They will likely not be able to trace it because it will go through several different servers and IP addresses so that their location is not revealed. As long as this filter system is set up, you won’t have to worry about these attacks. The only way you can protect yourself from malware is to make sure that you have software on your computer network, preferably on every computer, that can identify, quarantine and purge these from your system.

Are All Companies The Same?

Not all companies are the same at all. In fact, there are some that are far better than others. The only way that you will know which ones the best is best is by looking at reviews online. There will be indications from the people that have use their services whether or not they are worth the money, or if it has been a waste of time. This is all you have to do if you want to find the best business that is offering this type of DNS protection such as The next step of the process is to begin finding out which companies are going to offer the best pricing for this type of service.

Why You Need To Get Estimates From All Of These Companies

You certainly should consider getting estimates from all of the companies that provide these services. You will never know how much they charge until they tell you. It is possible that they may have prices on their website, but sometimes those are just for individual clients that do not have large comprehensive businesses. Once they have provided you with this information, you will then compare their prices up against the reputation that they have. It is this combo of an exceptional company, and low pricing, that will lead you to the best company for the job.

How Often Are They Monitoring Your DNS?

Most of these companies are monitoring your DNS day and night. That is the only way that they can prevent an attack from occurring. There is no particular time that a denial of service attack will come in, or that malware will be sent to your computer systems. As long as you have your defenses up, there is really nothing they can do. Their servers are going to take the brunt of the attacks that will come in. This is why working with these companies is so important. It allows you to focus on your business and not worry about the potential of having your online presence affected in any way.

Should You Work With A Local Company?

If you work with a local company, this might be beneficial if you would like to speak with them regularly. Of course, even if they are a couple states away, you can always pick up the phone to get the help that you need. Some people just prefer to work with businesses that are in their city or town. What you need to focus on, apart from their location, is how reliable they are. If the reviews clearly state that they are an exceptional company, then you should use them even if they are just a little more expensive than you wanted to pay.

This overview of what DNS monitoring is, and the type of attacks that can come in, should motivate you to consider getting this type of service. It can be expensive. The larger that your company is, and the more traffic that it receives, the price of this service will go up accordingly. If you do get multiple estimates, this is the best way to figure out how you will be able to protect your business online. You can do so for a reasonable cost, working with one of the top DNS monitoring services, but only if you do the research first. There are some that will say that this is an unnecessary service because they have never been attacked before. In many cases, it’s just a matter of time before these unscrupulous individuals or companies find your business. That’s why you should find out about working with a DNS monitoring service today.

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