Deep Web vs Dark Web – 5 Things that Differ


As we all know about the importance of the internet in our day to day life. We get different vital information related to our career and other updates through websites. Of late the internet has spread worldwide and it has more than one billion websites, which are existing on the servers worldwide. But there are some confusion among people regarding Deep web and Dark Web. To clear out this confusion, let’s have clear cut information about these two web types and how it is differ from each other.

Deep Web

Deep web is also called as the Invisible web. It is an internet subset which would be not indexed by the search engines. It is somewhat different from the web which we can access via direct URL or search engines. This web is much bigger than the measurable web and expanding exponentially. Deep web can be accessible by encryption, password and through gateway software. It is not indexed for the famous search engines. It is big in size and there is a slight illegal activity outer of Dark web.

Dark Web

The Dark Web also known as Darknet and it is a Deep Web subset which would not be only indexed but it also need authentication or specific proxying software for the access purpose. It is related with the several criminal activities of many degrees which include selling and buying drugs, gambling and pornography. The onion browser is the most frequent software which is mainly used to access the Dark web.

This software can be used to access normal online websites but it also covers many hidden services and websites which you are not able to access on the regular internet for sure. When it compares to the Deep web, it is not as big as the deep web. It is smaller in size and it is made up of several sites types. This dark web is mainly famous and recognize for its secret marketplaces which frequently sell illegal products like weapons or drugs.

Let’s have a clear look on the 5 things which makes both (Deep Web and Dark Web) different from each other.

Size of the Web

Deep web is the Internet part which is not essentially malicious, but it is larger in size to be indexed due to the crawling limitations and indexing software like Bing and Yahoo. Dark Web is the Internet part which is not indexed. It can be used by those who are knowingly trying to monitor access because they have a craving for privacy and they are eager to do some illegal activities. Dark Web is smaller in size compared to the Deep web.

Possibility of Risks

Deep web is free from any risk and do not come under increased inspection by authorities, where as Dark web is totally different in this case. Dark web is possible to come under increased inspection by authorities due to its higher chance of being used for the terror organizations to plan future attacks. It could include forums of communication which need the use of encryption, require special methods of access and different types of strong authentication.

Available information on web

At the time of discussing about the Deep Web vs Dark Web, you should not forget talking about the vital information found on both of these webs. In the Deep web, you would find information relating to the restricted government materials, research and development material, images from the social media sites and much other stuff.

Dark web is the place where you would get the information which is totally illegal and very hard to find at other platforms. It is like a home to all the illegal activities which you would ever dream of. Most of the illegal activities would be happening here. Any user can purchased drugs, get child porn, hire hackers and get weapons easily without any problem.

Ease of access

In this deep web, you would be able to require using deep web browsers which would help you in accessing the web hidden portion without the security violation.

The dark web would be accessed by using the TOR. It creates the special network configuration for you so that you can have access to the dark web with all the safety measure considering in mind.

Web chargeability

The vital information which is found on the deep web can be accessed by the users if they are accessing through search engines or special browsers. You can access all the information free of cost easily.

If you are looking for the information on the Dark web, than you need to access it using onion websites that doesn’t open on normal browsers. You can even use paid browser to access the dark web websites.

Over to you

So, the above vital information informed us about the main difference exists between the Deep Web vs Dark Web. I hope you have learned how much both are different from each other in terms of sizes and access.

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