Choosing The Right Data Recovery License For Business Use


Data Rescue is a data recovery software that allows you to easily scan storage devices to find, preview, and recover deleted files, lost data, and reformatted drives. With the latest release of Data Rescue 5, there are several versions available for purchase including the standard licenses for Mac or Windows, as well as a Professional license. If you are performing Professional Data Recovery in a business environment, there are several advantages and features included in the Professional license that make it the ideal choice for your usage needs.

Professional license advantages include:

  • Cross-Compatibility
  • Professional Mode User Interface
  • Unlimited Recoveries
  • RAID Recovery
  • Secure Erase Tool
  • Partnership with The Data Rescue Center

Data Rescue 5 Professional is cross-compatible, meaning you get access to both the Mac and WIndows software under a single license. This means you’ll be able to recover files from nearly any device that comes through your business or IT environment, rather than being restricted to a single platform.

One of the largest advantages of using the Professional license of Data Rescue is that you are able to perform an unlimited number of recoveries from different devices, as opposed to being restricted to only a handful of recoveries for personal use. This is essential if you are operating in a business environment and routinely see data loss scenarios that need to be resolved.

You’ll also be able to use Data Rescue’s professional user interface, a brand new mode in the software designed for technicians or experienced computer users. It includes advanced features such as a hex viewer to display raw drive and file data, as well as the ability to save up to 15 previous scan results for later reference and recovery. The Professional mode also supports RAID recovery, including the ability to add a virtual RAID to simulate a physical RAID configuration, which comes in handy if a RAID fails to mount or be recognized as a single volume.

As an extra feature, the Professional mode includes a secure erase tool that allows you to overwrite the contents of a drive with a chosen or random pattern, making them unrecoverable with any data recovery software for data security purposes. This can be used before disposing of your business’s no longer wanted storage devices to ensure no sensitive or confidential information is at risk of being accessed by others outside the organization.

As an additional benefit to the software, the Professional license also includes a partnership with Prosoft Engineering’s sister company, The Data Rescue Center, a provider of physical Data Recovery Services. These types of services exist for cases where a storage device is too physically damaged to be cloned or recovered by data recovery software such as Data Rescue. The Data Rescue Center is able to help in these situations by performing manual repairs to the various physical components of your hard drive or storage device in an ISO 5 / Class 100 cleanroom environment to ensure the protection of your device from any airborne contaminants. The device can then be cloned and data can be extracted for recovery.

Partnership with The Data Rescue Center entitles you to free inbound shipping for any device requiring services, free evaluations that will provide you with a diagnosis of the failure scenario and a quoted cost for recovery, as well as a no-data no-charge policy for attempted recoveries that are unsuccessful in cases of severe physical damage.

With the ability to perform unlimited recoveries and the range of advanced features included in the Professional version of Data Rescue, along with the physical recovery services provided by a partnership with The Data Rescue Center, your business will be equipped to handle any data recovery scenario from a simple deleted file case to a more complicated physically damaged device. That is why the Data Rescue Professional license is the right choice for business use.

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