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How to Create Fake Facebook and Whatsapp Chat?



Ever had the opportunity of going through the various funny chats in the Internet? It is truly funny, and comes with conversations that would ideally not have happened, but they are obviously known to be fake. Notwithstanding the nature of being fake, it is still extremely funny, and will be riveting to many people who think of it as anecdotes to their childhood. So, obviously, there is a method with which you would be able to achieve this particular feat.  Creating fake Facebook chat is no more a problem with various applications in the market. So let’s have a look at it.

How to Create fake Facebook chat?


For this particular example, you would need to make use of the Yazzy android application so as to create the fake conversation in your android phone. With this, you would be able to generate any kind of fake conversation images with this application and only a matter of seconds.

What are the things that you can achieve with the Yazzy android app?

You can create fake conversations in the context of;

  • SMS in your android mobile phone.
  • Whatsapp chat status.
  • Facebook messenger.
  • Comments and likes along with Facebook status.
  • Some sort of tweets so as to mention a variety of support.
  • Google search and hang out.
  • IPhone whatsapp.
  • Translate feature in Google.

And a lot more. Each of the conversations that you possibly create with this application can be customized beyond belief, and a lot of things like the navigation bar as well as changing the avatar and a lot of other things can be possible with the customization feature of this application.

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How to create fake whatsapp chat?

Steps to get the application ready: –

  • Firstly, you would need to download the Yazzy android application from the Google play store.
  • After downloading, you would be able to open up their application in your android mobile phone.
  • After doing so, open up the settings tab that is located in the application.
  • Uncheck the feature of “Include Watermark” option, and check the auto update image option that is to be found in the settings tab.
  • Now, you are ready to create fake conversations in your preferred medium.

The process to help you create fake conversations: –

  • First, launch the Yazzy application in your android mobile phone. In that particular welcome screen, you find a variety of faking options. Select the one that you would want to go for.
  • Next, you need to type down the message as well as your name. Set down any kind of settings that you would want.
  • Next, the settings which are to be found in the status bar can also be customized. You can slide right so as to see the image in accordance to your fake chat/message.
  • In the screen, you would be able to see your fake conversation message that you have just created. You need to tap on the save icon, so that you can save this image in your android mobile phone.

This is a general process that has been outlined which helps you to create fake Facebook chat or fake whatsapp chat. There are absolutely no problems, no hindrances, and absolutely no worries for you if you manage to use this for your own commercial benefit. After all, the software has been created for the sole purpose of doing this.

With your intention of trying to create fake whatsapp chat, you find that there is a likely market for the people that are more than interested to read such interesting conversation. So, cater to them, and you would be able to build a loyal following to this artistic capability of yours. Within more time, you would be able to gather a lot of people as your loyal followers.

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1 Comment

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