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5 Ways to Create a Good Startup Team Structure



Are you trying to create a successful start up? Learn how to start with a dedicated team in this guide.

No matter how strong your idea, the fate of your startup relies on your team. After all, it takes one weak member to sabotage the entire business. Some startups have this problem and can cause the company to crumble within months.

That’s why we’re here to give you a brief lesson on startup team structure. Here are five important lessons you need to know when creating your first team.

Start With Yourself First

Take time to think about your vision before you hire anyone for your startup team structure. Ask yourself:

  • Does my idea solve a problem within the current market?
  • How many members do I need to create this idea?
  • What skills do I have to help my team?
  • When do I want this project completed?

After asking these questions, you have to evaluate what you bring to the table. You might be a good marketing manager that has a great way to promote your products. Or you can be a developer with a complete vision of your final product. Or you can be a financial genius with costs, investments, incomes, and expenses clicking through your head.

Whatever you are, understand that you have filled in a vacant position in your team. If you have a co-founder, then you have another member that’s contributing to a different skill set. Work with your co-founder as they will help you cover more staffing needs.

Identify Positions

When creating a startup, the founders are the most important part of the team. Before hiring new team members, you and your co-founder have to define how decisions can be made within the startup. For instance, are you the project manager and your co-founder is the marketing genius? That right there should give you a clear insight as to how the company will be run.

After that, find workers that can fill in certain positions of your company. Jobs in programming, SEO, and finance are a handful of positions that have to be filled. Keep in mind how much money you have in your budget to help pay for these positions.

Identify Candidates

When seeking out new candidates, you have to judge them based on the quality of their work, their ability to work with teams, and their ability to meet deadlines. By doing this, you’ll be able to vet out who is an asset or a liability to your startup.

Hiring Process

So you’ve finally found candidates that are qualified for the job. Now its time to start the hiring process. If you’ve never conducted an interview, here are the following instructions.

After the interview, do a background check and some fact checking on your potential employee. If everything runs smoothly, then hire the individual. Once they have been considered for the position, give them tests to see if they’re a fit for your company.

During these tests see if they are communicating with their team, handling pressure, and effectively getting the job done.


Let’s say that your candidate had successfully passed your previous tests. Does that mean they’re ready to be a part of your team? Not really. You’re going to need to conduct a post-hire assessment after you hire them. This means having strategies for training, promotion, and career development. This will give your team members incentives and keep them motivated to complete your projects.


Your startup team structure is important as the idea itself. This means that you’ll have to take the time and find out what team members are fit for your vision. Conclusively, effectively plan and train your members to increase the success of your business.

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