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ContentMart Review: The best content writing services.



With today’s technology advancements, many people have resulted in conducting their businesses online to buy or sell their products. This has led to increase in article writing demands for showcasing and advertising company’s products and services. And also, Contentmart has the best and affordable rates that suit the client’s budget, this way both clients and content writers are satisfied.

What is Contentmart?

Contemart is an online writing platform that links potential customers to quality content writers. Finding good freelancer content writers is difficult, but Contentmart has made it easy for its customers to be able to outsource quality content without much hustle. Contentmart has made sure that the customers get the best articles and web content writing services through its skilled and experienced freelance content writers and web content copywriters. Writers registered with Contentmart are competent enough to deliver the best content writing requirements for a blog or a professional website.


The Client Aspect

As a client at Contentmart, be rest assured that you are in for high-quality. You can always trust Contentmart for the best content writing services since they register the most experienced and competent content writers. To ensure this, the writers have to pass three levels of English test, submit a top quality essay to Contentmart complete at least 10 orders successfully and have at least 4-star rating so that Contentmart can approve their writing skills.

How to place the order

Placing an order is a simple process. All you need is to have the order money deposited in your Contentmart wallet. Then on your client account, choose the new order option and fill in the order details and now click on ‘publish the order. Now your order is published and visible to the writers you will start receiving bids immediately.


  1. Incredible content writing experience

All a customer needs to do is post their order for content writers to bid on. Then the customer reviews the bids by looking at each writer’s portfolio to gauge their writing skills. Upon selecting a suitable writer, the customer can even initiate a chat with each writer to interview them further, allowing them to choose the best writer.

  1. Multiple languages

Contentmart being the best content writing services provider and having writers from all walks of the world, it provides the customer with writing services for their language of choice. It gives the client an opportunity to get the best quality writing services for the content in their language be it in U.S or U.K English, Hindi, Arabic, Filipino, Italian and German just to mention a few.

And also Contentmart has best freelancer content writers for your content translation services. Let’s say if your website is in Hindi then you can hire content writers who can write the content in Hindi or if you need to translate content from Hindi to English or vice versa, you would still get a writer who will deliver on that. Basically Contentmart has something for everyone you can never lack anything.

  1. Quality assurance

Contentmart provides full quality assurance of their content writing services and uniqueness of the content. Because customer’s satisfaction is their top most priority, Contentmart crosschecks articles when the content writers finish writing them to avoid grammar errors and paraphrasing to ensure 100% uniqueness of content before it is delivered to the customer. Contentmart also gives the customer a chance to go through the work before they approve the content. Once the freelance writer has submitted the content, the customer has up to five days to review the work and reassign it back to the writer if there are errors or if the customer would like to add some details to the content. And if the customer is not happy with the quality of the content they are allowed to reject it and Contentmart guarantees 100% refund.

  1. Meeting deadlines

Contentmart also has an online time guide to monitor the content writer’s ability to manage, keep time and submit the awarded work on the agreed deadline. The writers are reminded of close or missed deadlines, this is to help writers to stick to the scheduled deadlines and submit work on time to avoid causing the customers any inconveniences. When it happens that the writer misses their deadline the customer has the right to decide what happens thereafter, they can choose to cancel the order or extend the deadline to give the writer some more time. However, this is a rare thing in Contentmart since the writers are known to manage their deadlines because if they don’t it will affect their account rating. Contentmart has an automated system that rate the writer with the work delivered.

The Writer Aspect

As a freelance writer at Contentmart, you get free writer membership and after you pass the three-level grammar test you get access to thousands of orders from clients. If you work a little harder, you get the Contentmart verified title, which makes you more visible to clients. With the verified title you are assured of more flow of work and a better pay.


How to bid on orders

Placing bids on orders is also an easy task. Once logged in, you are able to view all the orders posted by the clients. If an order is a match to your expertise click on it and carefully read the details. Fill in your offer description and leave your offer. Your bid will be sent to the client for reviewing. When the client finds to fit for his job, he will reward you and assign you work.

Contentmart Affiliate Program

Contentmart has an affiliate program where get 10% of the money your referred client spends when they post orders on Contentmart. You are going to earn the commission every time the client posts an order for a whole year. This commission is only for referring clients. You also get a welcome bonus once you sign up for the Contentmart affiliate program.

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