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The next revolution in Music industry? – ConcertVR Review



ConcertVR, the first ever blockchain based marketplace is all set to revolutionize the entertainment industry. People will now be able to enjoy their favorite artist’s concert in real time wherever they want. Users can also choose their own time to watch a particular concert. The best bit about ConcertVR is that they accept all major payment methods that include a large number of cryptocurrencies.

It is a remarkable concept and other than users, artists and investors can benefit a great deal from it as well. The Pre ICO Launch for ConcertVR is Tomorrow and it is going to be a good chance for investors. Here are the major highlights of ConcertVR for users:

Why ConcertVR?

  • As we stated, you can watch your favorite artists live anywhere you want. You get to search and browse from different categories of music and artists. It is really easy to discover artists and acts on ConcertVR.
  • While watching a concert or show, you get to choose from different camera angles. There are multiple camera perspectives available for users and you can choose one where you want to experience the show from.
  • ConcertVR also features in-apps purchases. You can buy full concerts or individual tracks of an artist.
  • If you are lucky enough to get a coupon code then you can enjoy a selected show or concert for free. If you do not feel like using the coupon then you can share it with any friend of yours.
  • You can enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality and it isn’t limited to VR glasses. After the purchase, you can enjoy your favorite content on smartphone, browser, SmartTV or any other major platform.
  • Through social media, you can notify your friends of the concert you are watching and join them. You can invite your friends to the concert and witness their reactions while watching it.

These were the major highlight of ConcertVR for users. As you can see, the future for ConcertVR looks very bright since it offers many interestings features to its users and brings value to the users. It is something new and innovative in the entertainment industry. Let us now discuss what ConcertVR means for Artists.

How can Artists benefit from ConcertVR?

As an artist, you can benefit tremendously from ConcertVR. Here are some pointers that will let you know how as an artist you can gain value with ConcertVR:

  • On behalf of you as an artist, ConcertVR feel offer live streaming and recording of yours concerts to your fan and audience.
  • When an artist’s VR content is put in the marketplace then all rights remain with the copyright holder. ConcertVR doesn’t receive any sort of rights.
  • An analysis tool is provided to artists for tracking performance and details of audience, tickets, sales, etc.
  • Artists can sell live VR tickets, recording of the concerts and songs of their own.
  • In the audience area and stage, up to five cameras are installed without affecting the concert process.
  • Artists get to sell unlimited amount of tickets and a live concert will never get sold out. This will bring more profit to the artists.
  • Artists can adjust the prices and descriptions of content when needed without any interruption or problems.

All in all, ConcertVR is a marketplace that will surely bring change in how the entertainment industry works. It is the first blockchain based marketplace for VR content. Virtual Reality is getting popular and mainstream day by day and that is why people are now longing for more VR content. ConcertVR has managed to be here at the right time and realise what people want. Today is the Pre ICO launch for ConcertVR and if you are an investor then you should not miss out on this chance.

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