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5 Essential Clash of Clans Tips for Newbies



Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer video game which was first released for iOS in 2012 and Android in 2013. It is a freemium mobile video game developed and launched by a company called Supercell. The game is always criticized for it addictive nature and also because it is based on a fantasy theme. Nevertheless, the game received high reviews with positive feedback from gamers worldwide.

Clash of Clans Tips

When you start playing the game, the player is the chief of a village, and the player must build their town and form clans. Various methods of playing prove to be successful, but advanced players have assured these five tips.

Resources in the Game

There are resources in the match which pose as currency. The four resources are:

I. Gold

II. Elixir

III. Dark Elixir

IV. And Gems

The player might have to spend these resources to get things done, example; the player has to train troops before they can be unleashed into a battle or to raid neighboring villages. It takes 25 elixirs each to train barbarians and 50 portions each to train giants in initial stages of the game.

1. Building a strong defense

Initially, when you start playing the game, you have two default builders, who install buildings and upgrading it, you can add more manufacturers later in the game after you earn your resources. When you place your most important building in the center of your base, there is particular resistivity by raiders. Build walls around the most famous building and upgrade it to be stronger. At first, since your resources are limited, protect only that needs protection instead of building a wall around everything. After you build the wall, upgrading the wall is equally important.

2. Earn resources before you spend and run out of them

The player must install gold mines and elixir collectors to collect resources; you also must build gold and elixir storages. You can gain gems by removing trees and other obstacles in the vicinity of your base, through online clash of clans hack tools or clearing gems boxes and mushrooms which may be scattered on a player’s base. Gems are used to train troops and armies at a rapid pace; they can also be used to boost individual buildings. Apart from this method of earning, you can also buy gems using real money, although this is uncalled for in early stages of playing Clash of Clans. Gems are available through in-app purchases.

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3. Attacking and looting

If you want to earn resources fast, attacking another village. Before doing so, you ought to analyze enemies’ gold and other resources. This may prove to come in handy; one can gauge about opponents’ defense by calculating the gold, usually higher the gold, higher the defense. Remember that when you reach the hoarding place of gold and attack it, it immediately transfers to your account even though your troops fail to stay alive. You will also be awarded bonuses if you manage to eradicate opponent’s base. After a raid or a battle, always get to training your troops immediately, as a beginner it is advisable to teach the barbarians and Giants first for they are less expensive.

4. Protecting your base

While at it, focus on protecting your base as well. It is crucial to building a strong base because you enemies will fail to raid you if you take necessary precautions. Use traps because this may damage and hinder your enemy; this is why it is worth to upgrade traps. Scatter them throughout your base. Like mentioned before, keep important buildings in the middle such as town hall and mortars. It is also wise to place huts at the corners of the base because during a raid the enemies will target city hall, so if you put the huts in the corners, the enemies will run out of time to get to the huts as well. As a part of the protection process, invest in building a laboratory. It is with the aid of the laboratory a player can create sustainable troops. You are also likely to gain advanced troops such as archers, goblins, and wizards.

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5. Joining a Clan

Once you have established yourself with considerable amount resources and troops, you can now join forces with other players to form your groups and go into battles with your enemies. At least a group of 50 before you can go to a clan war. To do this, you will have to build a Clan castle, or find a family castle and upgrade it. Like any real gamer, research on the clan you want to associate yourself with. This step is crucial because they will have to understand what you are trying to say, be available online at similar timings that you will be available online. You can also donate and receive troops while playing the game.

Other features of the game include global chat, which is a chat room which can be utilized b any player who is online at that time.

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