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Cheat engine for Android also known as the Game hacker you can get unlimited gems, gold, ammo etc. for free, this application works with most of all the games, download cheat engine APK for Android and execute hacking.

You can hack the games and score the most and show off in in front of your friends by sharing the screen shot of your score on social media.

Why use this application?

Well many of us don’t like to spend so much money on buying gems, gold and ammo etc. This application is for those people who want to have fun without spending the money in-app purchases, using this application you can score the highest and many of your friends would be impressed and willing to know how you did it.

Features of cheat engine

  • The values type for searching 1, 2,4,8 bytes, Float, Double, string, array of byte, or you can choose All and Grouped.
  • You can choose scan type from exact value, bigger than, smaller than, value between and unknown initial value.
  • Values can be scanned in hexadecimal too.
  • You can tick mark on the fast scan option to complete the scan fast.
  • You get a switch by which you can easily copy and paste the value to modify them.

Steps to Use Cheat engine

Before you install the application make sure you have enabled the install from unknown sources option from the setting, if not go to Settings>Security>Unknown sources and hit ok.

  • Download the APK from the below given link.
  • Install the application.
  • Open the app and grant superuser permission.
  • Open the game which you would like to hack
  • Now open the process and search for that game in the list.
  • Now search the existing value which you want to change.
  • Use the ammo or whichever value you choose and return back to cheat engine apk.
  • Now you will find some of the values changes in in scan results.
  • Add that address to the “address list” and change the values to “696969” or to anything you like.
  • Now when you return to the game you will find the values are changed to your desired number.

Download the cheat engine

Please note: having root access in your mobile is necessary to manipulate the values in games so if you don’t have root access, google the term “how to root” following the name of the device you are using and hopefully you will come up with steps to root your device easily.

Hacking A Game with Cheat Engine APK

Let us hack the very old and well-known game “Subway surfers”

Image result for subway surfers

  1. Open the subway surfer’s application.
  2. And then open the cheat engine
  3. Now start playing the subway surfer’s and finish the tutorials
  4. Now we are going to be increasing the gold to “999999999” value.
  5. Firstly, start playing the game and collect some coins then pause the game.
  6. Now go to cheat engine and make sure “value type is 4 bytes and “scan type” is exact value. Select the game from the android logo on the top right corner.
  7. And now enter the number of coins you collected let’s take for example 50 coins and hit search.
  8. After that start playing the game again and pause the game.
  9. Now in the place of old value enter the new value and hit next.
  10. This will give you one scan result now hold that address and edit the entry.
  11. Change the value to your desired number and start playing the game again

Image result for subway surfers cheat engine

  1. Sweet! Now the coins must have been changed to the number you entered.

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