What to do in case of Data Loss from Removable Storage Media?


The various removable storage media such as memory card, pen drive, USB flash drive, CD/DVD, and external hard drive provide you with the benefit of storing and transferring a significant amount of data. Their very purpose is to help you in situations of storing and carrying a large amount of data from one digital device to the other. However, the downside is that they suffer data loss at times, and there exist several causes for it that we will discuss in this blog.

Data loss is the situation wherein these beneficial devices turn out to be useless for you. When you encounter such a situation, you wonder what to do in case of data loss from your removable storage media. As you cannot do away with your valuable data, you need to employ removable media recovery to retrieve all the data completely in a secure manner. But before that, you should be aware of the several reasons responsible for data loss.

Causes of Data Loss

Whether you have a pen drive, USB flash drive, external HDD, CD/DVD, or memory cards such as SD Card, SSD, or micro SD Card, the causes of data loss in your removable data storage devices are as follows –

  • Accidental deletion of the stored data
  • Formatting of the device
  • Other logical/software damage or corruption issues
  • Physical/hardware damage or corruption

Now that you know the reasons for data loss in your storage devices, let’s now look at how you can minimize such situations or put a stop to them.

Preventive Measures

The several precautionary measures to prevent your storage devices such as USB drives, pen drives, external hard disk drives, flash drives, SD memory cards and SSDs from failing are as follows –

  • Handle removable media with care to avoid physical damages
  • Ensure that your removable media devices does not fall
  • Do not use them continuously as this will result in overheating
  • Keep your removable media devices away from water and fire
  • Insert and eject the removable media by following correct procedures
  • Avoid inserting your removable media into virus-infected systems
  • Avoid actions that may cause other physical and logical damages

Even if you exercise precautionary measures yet your storage device is not fail-proof. Let’s look at what can be done in such situations.

What Should You Do in Case of Removable Media Failure?

In case you discover that any of your removable data storage media has failed, do the following –

  • The first thing that you should do is discontinue using it
  • Next, handle it with utmost care to prevent further damage as it could restrict the data recovery process
  • Do not format the particular data storage device or try to repair on own
  • Do not take up the task of exchanging the internal electronic components.
  • Do not use any unapproved utility to repair and recover data from your media device suffering data loss.
  • Seek professional assistance as they are backed by the requisite expertise and skills.
  • Use genuine, approved, and authorized external software to recover the lost data. Most of the third-party tools allow you to do so in quite a straightforward manner, and with short recovery time.

Apparently, deleted data or data lost due to the logical failure of the device can be retrieved. But there’s a challenge that you can face with them. They prove to be a complete failure in case your device is physically damaged and cannot be detected by the system or software. Therefore, in such a situation, even the best of tools cannot help in restoring the lost data.

The data lost from your damaged, or corrupt device should be recovered only by experts who provide data recovery services for removable storage media. Here, Stellar Data Recovery with its industry expertise in Data Recovery, is a name to reckon. It offers varied services for removable media such as memory card data recovery, USB flash drive data recovery, pen drive data recovery, CD/DVD data recovery, external hard drive recovery, and other removable media devices.

The Way Forward – Stellar Data Recovery Services

The moment you discover that you have a physically damaged removable media, you should observe the several do’s and don’ts to increase the chances of complete data recovery, and take your affected to the nearest branch of Stellar Data Recovery service center. With their team of highly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced professionals, they help restore your lost or inaccessible data successfully. To provide the best-in-class service and solutions for removable media devices, Stellar Data Recovery guarantees safe and secure recovery of your damaged or corrupt removable media in its state-of-the-art Class 100 CleanRoom Lab. Their seasoned data recovery professionals ensure complete, unfailing, economical, and fast recovery of your lost data.  


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