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Can A Nuchal Cord Be Treated?



Nuchal cords are very common during pregnancy. However, this occurs when the umbilical cord wrapped around the fetal neck. As a matter of fact, nuchal cords have a prevalence of six percent to 37%. Luckily, 50 percent of the nuchal cords were being resolved before delivery, thanks to technology.

Causes of Nuchal Cords

The primary cause of a nuchal cord is too much fetal movement. Even so, other medical reasons why a cord may possibly wrap around on the fetus neck include:

  • The cord structure is very weak
  • Too much amniotic fluid
  • A long and abnormal umbilical cord
  • Having twins or multiples.

As a matter of fact, one reported study shows that the embarrassing situation from umbilical cords improved the possibility of complications. On the other hand, it’s also possible that nuchal cords are the results of an accidental happening that have no explanation.

Even so, when it comes to symptoms, nuchal cords have no symptoms (physical). Unless the fetus has breathing as well as oxygen difficulties or abnormal heart rate, nuchal cords are normally found during a scheduled ultrasound scan.

Also, unless the general practitioner feels there are reasons to be worried, no additional testing, as well as treatments, is recommended.

Is there Any Way to Treat A Nuchal Cord?

At this time, there are no ways to treat or prevent a nuchal cord no matter for advanced the technology is. Doctors, on the other hand, may possibly recommend a cesarean delivery (a surgical procedure wherein the fetus is delivered over a cut in the mother’s uterus as well as abdomen) if they feel that the fetus is in distress. Or worst, the mother’s condition could be affected adversely by means of a vaginal delivery. However, these cases are very rare.

In addition, an ultrasound scan, which is a device that uses, advanced technology to monitor an unborn baby and diagnose health conditions can tell practitioners how many times does the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. However, they can’t do anything it, because as what we have said a while ago, there’s no known possible medication that can be utilized.

Even so, knowing about nuchal cords, but you cannot do anything about it will make you helpless. However, this will help you to have a better understanding with reference to the possible pregnancy problems that may possibly take place in the near future. Furthermore, even though you want to have a vaginal pregnancy, always keep in your mind that a cesarean section may possibly if your baby shows an abnormal heartbeat during labor.

Remember that, there are no prevention tips or treatment yet, but let us keep hoping the science and most importantly technology will be able to unpick the anonymities behind a nuchal cord as well as effective treatment sooner or later.


Nuchal cords are very usual and they rarely a reason for concern. But sad to say, there are still no available treatments for this. Either way, we hope that technology, as well as science, will come up with a good idea on how to treat this so that lots of unborn babies will be saved.


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