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6 tips to boost the Gaming Performance on Your Laptop



There may be a wide variety of gaming consoles these days, but the purists know just how epic gaming can be the traditional way. With the industry continuing to grow with epic releases like the latest Grand Theft Auto offering from Rockstar, more and more gamers are switching back to laptop and PC gaming.

The problem is it isn’t quite as easy to upgrade your laptop gaming performance as it is on the PC. This is generally because laptops have the graphics chipset integrated into the system board. This often results in choppy graphics and bumpy gaming performance.

So, what happens when your laptop just can’t keep up with your gaming needs? Here are 6 excellent tips to get the best from your laptop gaming experience.

3D Graphics Settings

The majority of laptops allow you to tweak your settings on the graphics control panel. You should be able to access this with a simple right-click on your desktop and by choosing Graphic Properties. You should then be able to adjust a slide for quality and performance. If you move your slider toward quality you’ll increase the clarity of 3D graphics, however, this may create a choppy performance. Moving the slider closer to performance will enhance your overall gaming experience. It’s up to you whether you prefer insane graphics or a gaming experience that is stutter free. You should also check out some 3D Printer Pens that can be suitable for your laptop if you are a graphic designer.

In-Game Settings

This is a simple and effective way to boost your gaming performance on the laptop. While playing your game simply hit the ESC button to access the in-game settings. Every game is different, but you should be able to adjust display settings to improve performance. Beware: this may reduce the quality of graphics. Take the time to make the necessary tweaks and don’t be afraid to do it multiple times to get your experience just right.

The Latest Drivers

If your laptop is powered by Nvidia or AMD then you’re in luck because they are in constant competition, thus regularly upgrade graphics drivers, as well as releasing new ones. You can find upgrades and new drives at the official websites. If you have an Intel powered laptop search for updates through Device Manager. You will find HD Graphics updates under Display Adapters. When was the last time you updated your drivers? Did you know it can increase your gaming performance by up to 20%?

GPU Overclocking

It’s true that laptops have limits with regards to overclocking. CPU overclocking is essentially impossible; however, GPU over clocking is possible for many laptop models. AMD and Nvidia have built-in utilities to allow for it. There are two settings that you must consider, though, the memory clock and the core clock. The memory clock is the memory speed that is used to buffer video data, while the core clock is the actual speed of processing cores. They each have their own tolerance for the process, so you may need to experiment to find the appropriate stable setting. Don’t dive in, overlock incrementally. Don’t change your settings more than 5% at a time. You may also have the option to increase your system fan speed. This will provide extra cooling for a higher overclock, but you can expect a noisier system as a result.

Power Settings

While desktops are constantly connected to a power source, the opposite is expected of laptops. This means that power management for laptops is a serious deal. When you’re using a desktop, you can set the power management to your preference and leave it at that. Unfortunately, laptops have a nasty habit of going between the presets on offer. Your Gaming laptop may move into the conservation power mode and then fail to revert to its original status when plugged it. You may have also made a change yourself and then forgotten to change it back. Regardless, you want to make sure you opt for high-performance power settings when you are gaming.

Third-Party Programmes

If the tips above don’t work then you may want to consider opting for a game boosting programme. This is also a great choice for anyone too scared to tweak their settings manually. A third-party programme will automatically tweak graphics, defrag the system, and disable processes slowing your system down. They are essentially a highly efficient way to fine-tune your settings with just one click.

Of course, the right Anti-Virus programme is important, too. A lot of gamers turn their anti-virus off while they’re gaming. It is true that these can hog resources, especially for older systems. However, there are plenty of high-quality programmes that are lightweight and come with a gaming mode that allows you to get the best performance experience while remaining protected.

You can also level up your gaming experience by getting the right kind of gaming accessories for your laptop. If you are on a budget, you can check out OZCodes to find plenty of deals and discounts on favourite gaming accessories.

You may also want to turn off and close down any applications that may be running in the background. Your laptop isn’t as powerful as a PC so this can have an impact on your gaming experience.

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