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Best Website Builders Compared




A Website is an amazing modern medium for sharing information quickly and efficiently, having a website; you can share information from anywhere around the world, at any time of the day and at your own convenience. Websites are made up of codes and digital files that reside on a remote computer, to build your own website from scratch require coding skills, alternatively, you could hire a professional web developer/designer to do the job or use web builder apps to get it done. There are various web builders available, each known for its efficiency, costs, and maintenance for suitable applications. WordPress can be said, undoubted to be the best of the web builders;


WordPress which initially began as a blogging platform, but has now become a flexible website builder, is a great tool for anyone with little-to-know programming skill, highly customizable with drag and drop user interface and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors. Lots of free resources and supports from WordPress and large user base as well.


  • Open-source (free): using WordPress, the core files and larger percent of its resources are free, you can only purchase more components as wished or as need be.
  • Simple User Interface: familiar user interface, very easy to get acquitted with.
  • Themes and Plugins: with hundreds of thousands of plugins and themes, you need not do the heavy coding yourself, just install and activate desired components and you are ready to publish your WordPress website. You can also customize your theme or modify your plugins as you will wish.
  • Mobile Ready: a WordPress-based website is mobile friendly, responsive contents with proportional resizing and retina-ready webpage graphics. While designing with WordPress, there are options to view desktop, tablet and mobile version.
  • Forms: more forms integration for lead generation and data capturing options, backend components to handle the data captured.C:\Users\owner\Desktop\fiverr\website.jpg
  • Automatic free backups: you can backup manually or use the WordPress Backup-to-Dropbox plugin to automatically backup at pre-set intervals, that way you need not worry about losing your files if anything happens.
  • Blogging: WordPress started off as a blogging platform, so it is best used as blogging website, it has built-in tools to enhance blogging features.
  • eCommerce: with plugins like wooCommerce, you have everything to start an online store with WordPress.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): with WordPress plugins like Yoast, your WordPress website can soon be a marketing powerhouse and be a top contender for search engines first page.
  • More support: because it is widely used, there are more supports, suggestions and contributions, easy to troubleshoot and customize.
  • Security: WordPress developers have taken their time to do a very good job in securing the WordPress script for you, all the backend security has been taken care of, security updates are released periodically, themes and plugins are thoroughly vetted before been upload to their server and there are measures to stop malicious code during runtime.
  • Full ownership: WordPress is open source and is totally free to use, you do not owe WordPress anything for using their script nor have to pay for any subscriptions. Premium plugins and themes are owned by third parties, WordPress only help third parties to market their themes and plugins.

For preferences, let’s take do the comparison of different platforms as well.



Wix was founded in 2006; that was the era of Adobe flash web builder, in 2006, Wix migrated to HTML-based web building, it was believed Wix migrated to HTML-based because iPhone couldn’t support the flash-based web platform. Today, Wix is one of the top web builders being used around the world, Wix is currently hosting millions of websites on its server. Below are features of Wix web builder;

  • Drag and drop editor: amazingly, designing your website with Wix is like designing with Photoshop or other graphical packages, just drop your contents where you want them to be on the page, change colors, typography and any other design you like, then just save it as you have arranged it. As simple as that.
  • Mobile ready: with its html5 features, it is mobile friendly too.
  • Royalty-free images: while designing your website, you do not need to look elsewhere for image resources to use, right there on the website, you have thousands of higher definition (HD) royalty-free images to make use of.
  • Galleries and image editing; you may need to edit some images before using them in your web project, Wix provides a high-end image editor just to take care of that. Galleries also available to sort and catalog your media files.
  • Video background: what more could be amazing than having a nice video playing in the background of your website, it will draw more attention and make your web pages look classic, with Wix, you can do just that.
  • In-house hosting: instead of purchasing external hosting service, Wix hosts for you and provide other hosting-related services as well.
  • Pricing: starting from $4 to $16 per month, you could even host for fun. Comparing to other web hosting and domain providers with the same features, Wix packages are too cheap for its features.



Weebly was founded at the same time as Wix, in 2006, students at the Pennsylvania State University were told to maintain an online portfolio of their work, three of these students then build a web-based platform to allow other fellow students build their portfolio online. Weebly is like a rented web space, you only owned the contents you brought in, like an apartment building, once you are no more paying for space, it could be someone’s else. Nevertheless, Weebly is a great web builder to build your online portfolio. Below are some of the amazing features of Weebly;

  • Cloud-based hosting: websites hosted in the cloud are known to be very fast and efficient, as there are multiple computers working together to guarantee that your website runs smoothly.
  • Website Security: hosting plans provided by Weebly includes protection against spammers and hackers, integrated SSL certificates, and secure sockets.
  • Personalized web address: you may choose to or not to purchase a domain, you can opt for a customized domain that ends with “” e.g.
  • Analytics: Weebly has a built-in function that does your website analysis for you, no need to get any external plugin to do it for you.

You can also check out site123,,, BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion and other amazing web builders. We could say the three detailed above are the best and WordPress is the best among them, but then selecting the best is based on individual opinion, what is best for me might not be the best for you.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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