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Best Trending Android Apps of 2017




Can you imagine your smartphone without apps? Well, the answer will be no. The smartphone will have no use if there is not a single app present in it. These apps are very important in one’s life and today it has become the need of the are. A majority of our works we can do sitting at our home through these apps. Whether it is the payment of the electricity bills or the shopping of the electronic items. All these things can be done with a single touch of the apps. Our day starts with the opening of these apps only.


In this article, I will tell you about some of the apps that became most popular among the people in the year 2017. The popularity of an app depends upon many things. Whether the app you are using is user-friendly? Does the app fulfill all your demands which you are looking for? The developers also work from day till night to develop the app and to make them multifunctional. So, here I am with the best app of this year.

Best Trending Android Apps of 2017

  1. GBOARD: – It is a virtual keyboard app developed by Google which offers many features to the users starting from the searching of the websites to the multi-language support. It also allows the user to easily search and share the GIF and supports one of the most advanced features, voice dictation. At the time of its release, it supports more than 100 languages on the Android platform. The app also supports options for the darker theme.


Download here GBOARD

2. NEXT LOCK SCREEN: – This app was developed by Microsoft which aims to provide security to your device from the external threat. The app includes the fingerprint scanner that protects your device from the malicious programs. Other advanced features include the Smart contacts and Smart lock settings that let you configure your device. Other useful features include the alert about the text messages, apps and the contacts on your device without waking up your phone.

next lock screen app

Download here NEXT LOCK SCREEN

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3. COOKING PLANNER: – This app contains all the recipes that will make your mouth full of water. You can enjoy the variety of recipes from across the world and the list is so much that your curiosity will end but the recipes will go on.



4. AVG Antivirus for Mobile: – It is an antivirus app that is developed by AVG technologies that mainly aims at the protection of your device from the malicious programs. Apart from the antivirus database, it contains a scanner that not only detects the virus but also scans it thus increasing the performance of your device. It periodically scans all the files and the folders thus preventing your device from the external threat. It automatically scans all your downloaded applications and gives you a detailed description of all the malicious programs that has entered into your device. The app is a memory booster that boosts your memory by freeing up the RAM and clears all the background files thus making your phone run smooth.

antivirus app

Android Security Free Download

5. SNAPSPEED: – Snapspeed is a photo editing application that offers great editing option to you. It has been among the best 100 android apps of 2015 by PC magazine. It allows the user to edit the images with swiping gestures and also make it easier to opt for the color and contrast. There is a list of advanced features available for the user to add special effects to the image.


Download here SNAPSPEED

6. AUDIBLE: – Audible is the most powerful audio app which provides you with great listening experience of the writings of the great writers, philosophers, and the thinkers. The app contains the great works by the writers and not only the literature the app consists of bookmarks, chapter selection, and the variable audio which are on the tap which gives you the best listening experience.


Download here  AUDIBLE

7. SQUARE: – You all know about PayTM but there is one such app which is also one of the best payment processors. This app is square which allows you to pay the money via cash or credit card and also generate the payment receipt of your payments. Square has recently introduced a card swipe tool with NFC embedded and can pay money if one has ANDROID PAY or SAMSUNG PAY. This feature is the most advanced feature of this app which has given a boost to the payment market.


Download here SQUARE

8. TEXTRA: -Gone were the days when people used to send messages through SMS. But now there is one such app which offers the same feature as offered by SMS but in a more advanced fashion. This app is Textra which has more customized option and beautiful design. It has now added support to larger aspect phones such as Galaxy S8.


Download here  TEXTRA


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