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Best Travel Apps of 2017



2017 is expected to be a banner year for travel and technology. With such amazing applications, people can now plan their trip more easily.

You do not need to get hold of some travel agents all the time, these apps are good enough to plan the whole tour for you, right from arranging your schedule to that of packing your bag. These apps are also useful in helping you to book your hotels and flights, as well as to assist you in finding a suitable restaurant or to assist you in finding the route to reaching your destination. Another essential attribute that can never be missed out in this context is to check the weather. WeatherBug is regarded as the best weather app to help you remain updated about the weather forecasts. Just as you plan for a travel, you need to get the weather predictions to ensure that your trip will not be ruined.

Best Travel Apps of 2017

Here are some apps that you can never leave out while travelling:

1. WeatherBug

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This is an amazing app that is easy to use and provides the most current as well as future weather reports. It is powered by the largest professional weather stations across the world. This app produces real-time weather conditions along with faster weather alerts. The user can receive alerts about a dangerous thunderstorm, lightning and precipitation. The Doppler radar effect is a significant feature of this app that provides information about precipitation. When you are planning to set off for travel, this app is something that you can’t afford leaving out in any way.

2. Google Trips

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Google has associated its name in the travel space. This app works the best when it comes to travel function. It sends information to your registered Gmail account and thus, you can easily track information regarding the popular reservations. It offers a lot of suggestions to different tourist places. You would not require maintaining a pile of paper printouts to avail data regarding the trip plans. Instead, keeping an access to your Gmail account will help you learn all about the available flights and you can plan your trips accordingly and make the bookings that follow.

3. Rebtel

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Although we have got Whatsapp and Skype as the most popular forms of making international calls and messages, a Wi-Fi connection is mandatory in this context. What if you do not have a data pack in your device and a Wi-Fi zone is not made available at that place, Rebtel is known for offering you options through which you can make cheap calls across the globe. Thus, if you are travelling far and need to communicate with your friends or family, you can easily access this app to converse with your loved ones.

4. Waze

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Waze is basically a GPS navigation app that provides the most up to date information to the users to draw road data from the most active community of drivers. This works somewhat similar to that of the Google maps and thus, users can easily share about traffic, hazards or accidents. If you are unfamiliar with the city you have been travelling across, you can easily take information about the traffic hotspots around that location.

5. TunnelBear

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This app works the best when it comes to security. The major issues arise when you cannot help securing your internet during the course of travel. This app helps you connect to the VPN that would assist in hiding your IP address as well as location. It offers a user-friendly interface.

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