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Best Skating Apps for Android [Top 3 Free]


The longstanding association between skateboarding and surfing all started in the USA and has been well documented, not least by films like Dogtown and Z-Boys. Nowadays, however, this once small community has gone global and embraces a number of other cultures such as snowboarding and more recentlyrollerblading and scooting.

All the Gear

This means that now anyone can become involved, no matter where they live, how old they are or their level of skill. Just pick up some kit from a specialist supplier like Proline Skates and you are away.

Learning what to do and where to do it has never been easier and that of course is due to the world of the app.

Spot Digger

There’s nothing quite as exciting as finding a new spot to skate or board and Spot Digger, that is available for android or iPhone, has thousands of spots stored in it and ready for you to explore.

Developed by pro snowboarders Eero Ettala and Fredu Sirvio, along with some coding wizards and design gurus, Spot Digger is a real community focused app that will also let you share and rate spots you have found yourself.

Some free apps can be a little bit disappointing, but when they are backed by a company like Samsung, as is the case here, you know you are on to a winner.

The School of Skate

Skateboarding tricks are notoriously difficult to master, but with expert guidance and step by step instruction you could soon master switch trey flipping down stair sets for yourself.

The School of Skate is an app that offers just that and the expert guidance and instruction comes from no less than skateboard pro Paul Rodriguez – “Helping the world progress one trick at a time.”

Line Dice

Once you have some tricks up your sleeve, you may want to check out Line Dice. This app which is also available for android and iPhone randomly generates tricks for you to practice. Then, you can take things up a level and let Line Dice generate sets of tricks to form complete new lines.

From the Community for the Community

The fact that all three of these apps have big names involved is great, as you know that their development isn’t just a cynical money-making scheme thought up by someone from outside of the community. These apps are made by the community, for the community and that really shines through when using them.

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