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Best racing games for Android smartphones – Top 5



Looking for the hottest mobile racing games? Get into pole position and find out more about all the mobile motoring madness with these tantalizing reviews with the latest addition to out best apps list we have the best racing games.

Rev up your engines with these adrenaline-busting mobile racing games

Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, which has led to the development of some fantastic racing games for mobile phones. One of the great things about the mobile gaming sector is the designers will often use a game monetization strategy in order to earn revenue, which often means that games are initially available for a low price. However, to assist you in finding the best car racing games for mobile platforms, check out these reviews

Need for Speed

It’s probably fair to say that the folks at the Need for Speed franchise have been some of the most innovative and creative in the racing sector of the computer game industry in recent years. For almost a quart of a century, the franchise has been bringing out instant classics and leading the way in how racing games should be made, and this is no exception. Ultimately, fantastic graphics, great gameplay and a truly satisfying approach to creating your own car makes this game a must for any virtual petrolhead.

CarX Drift Racing

This game combines a classic arcade feel along with sensory motion steering, and throws in a pinch of drift, so as to provide a high-octane thriller. CarX Drift Racing enables you to make improvements to the performance of your car using coins earned for good driving – alternatively, if you’re the kind of racer that likes to cut corners, then you can always upgrade more easily using in-game purchases.

One of the most enjoyable and addictive features of the game is the way in which do not race against other opponents, but against yourself – you’ll see a ghost car version of your previous best time, which you need to try and beat. It has to be said, there’s something uniquely satisfying about beating an opponent you know better than anyone.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

There are loads of great titles for gamers looking for realistic action and life-like physics; however, Asphalt 8: Airborne is aimed at those who like things taken to the next level. Excessive speed, crazy acceleration and, best of all, the ability to achieve big air are some of the most appealing features of this game. Of course, as well as pulling off tricks, you do get the chance to race, so buckle up and enjoy the fun.

Real Racing 3

There are plenty of good things to say about Real Racing 3, but very little bad. The graphics are very impressive, but it’s the realistic handling that really stands out. The game is pacey yet surprisingly smooth, which helps you to concentrate on the job at hand. Overall, for a freemium game, you can’t expect much more.

CSR Classics

One of the ways in which racing games have come on in recent years is by offering more in the way of gameplay than simply bombing around a track in a fast car. With CSR Classics, you get to turn old, run-down wrecks and transform them into something resembling their former glory – or even better. Not only can you win races, but you have the gratification of knowing that you’ve done so in a car that you’ve rebuilt.

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