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Best internet provider in Canada



Best internet provider in Canada :- The Internet has been all pervading. Be it at office or home, we need high-speed internet. If you are in Canada, we are sure you might have heard of Acanac. One of the most popular internet service providers in Canada. Let us go through a review of the service provider in a finer detail.

Best internet provider in canada

Who areAcanac?

Well, Acanac is basically an Internet service provider Toronto. The company is based in Canada and has been servicing the select Canadian regions.

Acanac runs on Roger’s network infrastructure. In fact, Acanac is not an Internet Service Provider in itself, but functions as a reseller of Roger’s. It is asubsidiary of Distributel that has its services across Canada. The company was founded in 2004 and was ultimately acquired by Distributel in 2011.

What makes them popular?

Acanac offers home phone services (or landline services, as it is known in most part of the world). The company has recently diversified into Internet service. After the successful stint as a home phone service provider, Acanac has now launched High-Speed Internet service in Ontario and Quebec regions of Canada.

What makes them a force to reckon with is the multiple services that they have on offer. Apart from High-speed internet services across Canada, Acanac also provides TV service. However, their basic expertise lies in VoIP.

It must be agreed that the company has grown by leaps and bounds over the last five years or so. The plans they offer you are quite economical when compared to the competitors. That should be one of the positive factors that should go in favor of Acanac.

Some Unique features of Acanac

The service comes with a host of features that would make it the best option for home and business users alike. Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Conferencing is some of the features that find a widespread application among its subscribers.

Customer support can be something that would need a little improvement. You have telephone based customer service from Monday to Friday. If something goes wrong on weekends, you could find yourself in agony. However, there is an online forum wherein you can discuss the issue you may be facing with the service, or share your comments about the quality of service or other parameters.

All the plans have unlimited long distance calls across US and Canada. However, you may need to check out the exact locations as some of the regions across US and Canada may not be supported.

In Conclusion

Acanac is definitely one of the best-reviewed service providers in Canada. They have gained a rating 4 out of 5 in most of the reviews. There have been a few negative reviews about the quality of the service, however, most of them seem to be related to the issues between thenetwork provider and a reseller.

All in all, we found the service to be quite reliable and faster enough. One of the grudges could be the fact that the service does not offer any plans for International dialing. Even then, we would consider the flat rates offered for the International calling are quite affordable enough. Moreover, they provide a one month service so that you can check it out whether it suits you. Opt for the plan and decide for yourself.

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