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Best Indoor Games This Summer That You Will Enjoy For Sure




Summer is the time to rejoice and with the summer holidays come the numerous opportunities to have fun with your family and friends. On hotter days, when you can’t opt for outdoor games, be at home and play some nice indoor games to beat the boredom. Prepare a list of indoor activities and engage your kids during the vacation which will be a good learning session for them as well.

Few indoor games you must try this summer

  • Fishing and hunting: Although not exactly an indoor game, fishing, and hunting are very popular in summer to be enjoyed with your group of friends and family. You can plan for a bow hunting adventure at nearby locations on weekends. It will be great fun and when you have the prize in the form of a bucket full of fishes that make the entire daylong effort worthwhile. If you are going for camping and fishing, learn more about the varieties of broadheads available in the market that will make the hunting easier.
  • Card games: Card games are great for time pass and are equally loved by kids and adults. The kids can play the color matching game or other simpler games whereas adults can enjoy a hand at Bridge, Gin Rummy, Poker, Hearts and so on. These games have been popular since time immemorial and yet they never fail to entertain people. Engaging in card games with your friends is definitely a far better option than playing solitaire or other computer games.
  • Board games: Board games never go out of fashion and are the perfect indoor activity on a lazy summer afternoon. Chess, Monopoly, Snakes and ladders, Chinese checkers, and the list is simply endless. Encourage your kids to involve in these indoor games which are great for boosting their mental abilities and communication skills. Even adults can participate in these games that will be a great inspiration for the kids as well.
  • ·Carrom/Billiards: Carroms and billiards or games similar to these two are quite popular in every household. These games can engage a group of kids or adults for long and are thoroughly entertaining. This is a great way to divert your children from the TV and cellphones.
  • Dumb Charades: When you have to do nothing in particular and have enough time, a game of dumb charades can be a great entertainment. You can customize the game as per your preference and spend a memorable time with your family. It requires no tools or accessories and no skills but you will simply love the game being played and participants falling off their chairs laughing during the course of the game and enjoying themselves.
  • Musical chair: When you are organizing an indoor event with family or colleagues, you should include this popular game as part of a group activity. Organize the chairs and let the music play and you are ready for the game. Distribute small gifts to the winners to keep their interest and encourage others to participate. This game too can be played at any age and is great fun.

Increased bonding and sharing among family members

In modern days, kids and family members hardly spend some quality time together as everyone is busy with their schedules. Summer or winter vacation is the time where the whole family gets together to have some good time. These indoor games will help you get the best out of your summer holidays while bonding the entire family together.

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