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The ability to play complex and visually immersive games using mobile devices is one of the best gifts of technology. Now, anyone can enjoy video games or other types of games from anywhere, at any time. The question, however, is what are the best games worth playing on mobile?

The following are some of the best mobile game options you should consider.

Online casino and sports betting

If you are looking for something enjoyable, exciting, and easy to play, mobile online casinos are some of the good choices. They are distinctively enjoyable as they don’t only allow players to casually play. They also provide the thrill of winning something. Even though playing mobile casino games is comparable to playing casual mobile games, there are stakes involved. Bets are placed and there’s the chance to win something. There’s a wide range of games to choose from. You can play real money slots, have fun with table games, or even participate in live dealer games.

On the other hand, there’s also the option to play sports betting. Many casino sites have sports betting sections, which provide sports enthusiasts and gamblers a two-in-one leisure activity that lets them follow their favorite sports events or teams while enjoying the thrill of gambling at the same time.

It’s important to emphasize, though, that playing at online casinos and sports betting can be highly addictive. With real money bets involved, they can potentially create problems. It’s vital to be well disciplined while playing online casino games to avoid problem gambling. As much as possible, limits should be imposed on wagers or the time spent playing.

Role-playing games

Role-playing games or RPG are highly popular on desktop computers but thanks to advancements in technology, they can now be played on smartphones and other mobile devices. From Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition to Warhammer Quest, there are numerous options to choose from. These mobile RPG games are great not only because of their gameplay; they also feature impressive graphics.

RPG games typically feature fantasy epics, space operas, or history-based settings. They follow character-driven narratives that can be highly immersive or engaging for players. They are rich in stories and details that make playing them somewhat a commitment. It’s unlikely to be able to enjoy RPG mobile games without paying attention to them. There is an implied necessity to commit time and effort to explore the game but the rewards (in terms of fun and enjoyment) are incomparable.

Racing and sports games

These are a classic. Racing games have been a staple when it comes to games for mobile devices. These games provide adrenaline-pumping fun reminiscent of old school games played on consoles or desktop computers. Some of the best racing games worth considering include Horizon Chase, Reckless Racing 3, Checkpoint Champion, Traffic Rider, Real Racing, and of course the popular Asphalt and Need for Speed. Many racing games are not that resource-intensive, but the high-end ones demand high-end technical specifications to work well.

First person shooter games

First person shooter (FPS) games are games that feature a first-person perspective. These games allow the players to take the point of view of the character being played. This is the category of games where popular games such as Dead Trigger, NOVA, PUBG Mobile, Unkilled, Zombie Gunship, Fields of Battle, and Modern Combat belong.

FPS games could not have made it to mobile devices if not for the improvements in mobile device technology. It wasn’t easy controlling game characters with the resistive touchscreens used in old smartphones. FPS games couldn’t be rendered well without the improvements in the microprocessor, memory, and graphics cards inside smartphones and tablet computers of today.

Modern FPS mobile games are among the best games to play on mobile devices now because they are exciting, engaging, and action-packed. These games easily hook players as they somewhat serve as the mobile extension of the FPS games many play on their desktops or consoles.

Brain stimulating games

For those who are not fond of online gambling and are averse to high-action game scenes, another great type of mobile game to play is the brain training or stimulating games. As the phrase suggests, these are games designed to provide mental exercise. These are games meant to make the brain work through quizzes, memory tests, brain twisters, and other types of games. Some of the well-known examples of these games are Cognito, Peak, Elevate, Lumosity, and Fit Brains Trainer.

Brain training games are usually a collection of mini-games developed to test different mental faculties. These include memory, the ability to distinguish or find something, and the solving of complex problems. The games may be in the form of image/shape and word puzzles, trivia questions, image matching, spot-the-difference, and mathematical problems.

Strategy games

Mobile gamers who seek a middle ground between mental exercise and action can consider playing strategy games. These games perfectly demonstrate the fusion of brain stimulation and a good level of action. They feature combat conundrums or tactical puzzles that make players take the role of a general or commander directing the movement of various elements and characters.

Great strategy games to consider include Invisible, Inc from Klei Entertainment, the Viking-inspired Banner Saga, Lost Frontier from Mika Mobile, Legends of Callasia, Subterfuge, Warbits, Clash Royale, and of course the popular Clash of Clans and Mobile Legends.

Note on making the most of mobile games

Here’s a brief tech advice for those who are about to install games into their devices. It’s important to make sure that the device you use for playing is capable enough to handle the game. Otherwise, the game will stutter, and the fun will be reduced. Also, be sure to carefully choose the games you play. Read reviews and try to choose something many others play. More players mean more fun as a community of players is created to play with/against each other, brag scores with, and address technical problems that may be encountered.

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