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Best ear buds under 1000



When coming to hear the music, there are an enormous number of headphones available in the market to purchase. However, we want to check out whether it will worth your price or not. So if you are willing to purchase some amazing ear buds, you need to first check out the quality of bass, treble for all the time. These are the qualities which define about the good ear buds. So, people who all are waiting to know the best ear buds on your budget can follow here. Here we are listing some ear buds less than 1000 for you.

1. Audio Technica ATH

For this price, audio technical will give you the surprising quality of sound for you to hear for all the time. For information, these ear buds are weight less to carry and comfortable to use. At this middling price, you will get a strong quality of sound in terms of bass. This decent amount of quality will ensure the users to bring on some brilliant output. You can get this as a package of 4 pairs of tips which purchasing at Rs.889/-. When comes to purchase ear buds, this is quite reasonable in terms of quality as well.

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2. Evidson Audiowear R5

With the decent build quality, evidson audiowear RS is highly impressive among the other ear buds in terms of bringing the quality output for the users while listening. However, as per the sources, this ear buds gets the rank in the bottom when comes to purchase under 1000. Still, it tries to bring on the best outcome for the users in all the ranges. You can purchase this ear bud at the cost of Rs.889/- at anytime.

3. 1 more piston Fit

People who all are wanted to purchase the ear buds under Rs.1000/- can go for this amazing ear bud. With its stylish build structure, it provides you the strong performance while hearing the music. The balance in the audio will make you enjoy for its better quality of sound. From the mid range to high, it brings out the clear highs with decent mid. You can also increase the volume as per your convenience. However, the over volume in this ear buds make to feel louder if they are in 60% also. With better quality and less price, you can purchase this ear bud at Rs.999/-.

4. Sony MDR EX 150

When coming to purchase the ear bud at an affordable price, then this is the best product to purchase on your budget. By the way you should also be using a good Music player app to have a good quality audio file to listen to and not pirated or Music Downloaded from websites. It will offer you the best bass surrounding with clear sound effect. This ear phone will make you pleasantly hear the music. Also, the attractive build will help the people to buy and the brand quality encourages to purchase as well. If you are looking for the best ear phone, then purchase this at Rs. 789/- which is very reasonable for all the people.

5. Philips SHE3595BK/00

This could be the best choice for you to purchase for the daily usage. The ear bud brings you the sports fit design which helps to bring out the excellent sound at a decent price on your budget. If you are looking under Rs.1000/-, then this is the best ear bud to purchase at jut Rs.599/-.


So people who all are searching for the best ear buds at their budget can follow the above list at anytime. The above list will help you to purchase some amazing ear bud for hearing music at low price. Hope the above list will engage you to hear some quality music at the low cost of price.

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