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The 6 Best Apps For Accountants



The ability to complete vital business tasks from your tablet or phone is a significant time-saver for the small business owners. The business apps provide a way for you to do things during your dead-time or to update your to-do lists while everything is still top of mind.

As a person that runs a communications and marketing business, the significant increase of tablet and mobile devices now means you can conduct a lot of your work while on-the-go through apps also known as applications. We have become used to receiving and sending emails from our phones and now even for tablets. Today, there is a host of apps which serve the purpose of making it an easier task to run and manage your business with ease from your handheld devices. For a large percentage of people, tablets have now become the preferred and main computer, and in this regard, I am no different.

For me personally, I enjoy the freedom associated with what a few apps provide me with. I am able to take photos, edit movies, create music and design websites while I am on the go. This is over and above preparing invoices, checking on accounts, and tracking the amount of time I am spending on each project. The amount of tasks I can conduct on these apps are just about endless. Though they may not be ideal for the likes of withholding tax recovery – they can do almost everything else. You will be pleasantly surprised on what you are able to do in order to ensure your business is running smoothly. There are many entrepreneurs nowadays that are able to locate everything that they require to run their businesses from their mobile devices.

Below is my list of the top-rated apps dedicated to accountants:

1. Evernote For Android and iOS

This is one of the apps that I really wish I had invented the ideas for. This is an app that I use everyday to take notes, capture ideas, web clips and make lists. I may still carry a standard pen and notebook around, but there are still times when it is much simpler to add things into Evernote, which is featured on my computer, tablet and my phone. It is able to sync with ease across all the platforms. Notes in Evernote can feature photos, spreadsheets, PDFs, text, PowerPoint/Excel/Word/PDF documents along with sound files along with a lot more, all in one go. For example, when I am working on my PC I can drag-and-drop content into notes. This is the ideal solution for any person that runs their own company.

2. Storehouse For iOS

An immersive and stunning app which was designed by a previous Apple user evangelist which has made it easier for the non-designers to relay multimedia-rich stories from an iPad. It manages to combine intuitive navigation and outstanding interactions in the way of scrolling down in order to browse stories or swipe-across in order to find different stories. The stories are essential for any content that is successful, and I challenge any person who will not find inspiration in these stories, as well as how they have been told, on Storehouse. When you are experienced in producing visual content you should definitely consider this app.

3. Hootsuite For Android And iOS

This is not recent app in anyway yet is still a top-rated app when it comes to managing a number of social-media accounts. I feel that the latest update has destroyed what was a great user experience. However, if you use multiple accounts that run across Google+, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook along with others, then Hootsuite is the way to go. All you need to do is write up a post, then tell the app what channels you would like them posted on and then just hit send!

4. 2Do For Android And iOS

There are currently countless “to do lists” on every app store. I have personally tried many, some which are free but offered limited functionality, along with paid ones that sometimes over-complicate the act of making your to-do-lists. I have finally decided on 2Do, with a user interface which might look dated, but the developers have promised an overhaul in the near future and from the screenshots it really looks outstanding. 2Do allows you to tag items, set-up alerts, set-up due dates along with a lot more. If you prefer something that is uncluttered and simple in a list-making app you should definitely consider Clear.

5. Percentage Calculator For Android And iOS

This app brilliantly provides a way to calculate percentages of “something” in a host of different situations. Just enter your figures and then use pre-sets to decide on the answer. An example of this is “increased by %, % changed”, “after X% is deducted” along with more.

6. Spotify or SoundCloud

Do you want to wile away the hours looking at figures and calculations? Well, a little music can help and the likes of Spotify or Soundcloud can make all the difference when working on the books

These tips will help you make the most of your accountancy efforts.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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