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Best Apps for Cleaning Services in India – Top 5



When one is stuck in the hustle-bustle of life and a whirlpool of duties, it is usually the home that gets neglected. With the constant uproar of new duties, office work and looking after children or the elderly, we usually devote very little time to the beautification of the house or even the regular chores of keeping it spic and span. It becomes very cumbersome for both working men/women or a housewife with the burden of household responsibilities hanging heavy on them. Moreover, if we devote time towards cleaning and other chores, work and other important responsibilities take a backseat. We do not get time for other pleasurable activities.

What should be done to keep ourselves free from the tension of household tasks? It’s quite simple actually, it’s better to hire services in order to keep ourselves free from the worries of housekeeping. Hiring services is a lot easier today than it was previously. You do not have to go around hunting for maids, wasting time looking for cleaners or house workers. You just look for any kind of services that you’re looking for. Just sit back, download an app and all your requirements will be fulfilled.

There are several advantages to it- Housekeeping can be done at whatever time you’re willing to get it done. It will be according to the convenience of the customer. They are extremely professional and know how to get it right. There is no need to stress about how tiresome it would be. They will take care of it. Everything will be done on pay and smile basis. You get time for yourself and you will not need to worry about how dirty the window seal is, or how difficult it would be clean the ceiling. There is of course less fatigue and you can channelize your energy in several other activities. You can probably utilise that extra energy in working out with some gym essentials. These apps promise consistent results. They do not let the customers down and they are ready to take full responsibility of your work.

The question is which apps are worth downloading? Where can you get your service requirements?

Don’t worry! The answer to this question is here. Here are the top 5 apps for cleaning services in India:-



One is sure to have heard of this app? This app is one of the most popular apps in today’s time. This app is the largest market place in terms of services. It is a one stop not only for household services but any service you want at your doorstep. Let alone house cleaning, you can even hire a professional photographer if you want a photoshoot. You can choose from 44 categories of professional services. For all the ladies out there, don’t worry about rushing to the parlour. You can get all the beauty services at home whilst you keep an eye on your child. Known for its A1 services, this should be your go- to app when you need any service at your doorstep. It will let you forget all your worries. It’s a guarantee!

You don’t need to provide them with any essentials. They get all the requirements and do their work professionally. They have over 5000 experts who will take care of all your requirements. It’s not just home services but they also have beauty and health, events and weddings, business services, personal and much more. You will be spoilt for choice!

It’s rated 4.2 out of 5. What more can you want? Just fix all your service needs by installing the app. It’s absolutely free and the services will come at a very reasonable price. They are reliable and absolutely affordable.

What’s the added advantage? You get exciting urbanclap coupon too! They do provide services at reasonable prices, but to make life happier for you, there are added offers for each and every customer.


Yes, Zimmber app this is the perfect home cleaning app. Every now and then we fall into a situation when our taps start leaking, wires get burnt, drains get clogged, house helps take leave, and we have nowhere to go. We have to run around looking for the right person to fix all these problems. Sometimes we spot insects and need to get pest controls done. We need expert intervention and extremely trust worthy ones to repair and mend our problems. It’s a much-recommended app. They have other home services also available but they excel in home cleaning and repairing. No doubt a very helpful app. Get them at a very affordable price. You don’t have to worry about the quality because they work diligently and leave no stone unturned.

It has been rated a 4-star app with excess customer satisfaction in terms of quality and pricing. You get discount coupons as well.


Not the jack, but the master of all services is here. Rated 4.1 out of 5, this one excels in overall services. Services are available in all metropolitan cities of India. A very efficient app, covering over 30 categories- from a yoga instructor to a house cleaner, you find one and all. This app has been flourishing all across the country and is acing in the home service arena. The customers are elated with the amenities available. The rating is impressive and reviews are positive. It is definitely recommended as it has been successful in fulfilling customer requirements.

It’s easy to use. With one click you can download the app. Hold no ambiguities while making bookings, they are professional and reliable. They carry along with themselves all the essentials which makes it easy for the customer. The customer will not have to face the hassle of not finding a tool or a machine, the services providers carry all that they need. They are sure to leave you with a smile on your face for the service quality provided.


Mr. Right is just the right app for you if you’re looking for cleaning facilities. 300 and counting home services, what else does one want! From laundry, electrician, plumber, carpenter, appliances, car wash, TV repair, home security and many more, you can find all of them. It is a very systematic app in its approach for it will ask you exactly what is the concern of the customer and then sends a professional accordingly. It does all the work before hand and makes sure of providing the customer with all the details of the services. Definitely helpful and provides one with any services.

The cleaning service department is of great help. It will assist you with a home helper, a cook, a dishwasher, sofa cleaner etc. It’s just the perfect app!


Excels in AC, laundry, home cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, pest control, movers and packers and more. Satisfactory in day-to-day home service requirements. As the name suggests, this app is sure to bring joy in all households. It makes work easier and more organised. It’s just one app away. Download the app, its free! It’s rated 3.6 and projects all the services just under one app. It’s easy to use and is a hassle-free tact to carry out all the home duties.

Cleaning services apps are lately growing popularity across the country. It is rather a trend and vogue which is making life effortless. So if you haven’t yet downloaded any app, choose any one of these and you are sure to live a congenial and comfortable life. It’s high time you start living a happier and hassle-free life. Like it clean? Get it clean! Just one click and you are sorted.

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