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Best and most reliable Instagram tool – Combin Review



Instagram was launched in October 2010. Today, not only famous personalities, celebrities but millions of common instagram users and followers are stuck to this social-media application.

As we all know that “Instagram” has become an on-demand & most successful social networking app for digital marketing, brand promotion & a great platform to upload/share photos, posts or links of people’s day-to-day lives & videos online. On Instagram, today its been reached upto 500+ millions of active users & counting till date.

“COMBIN”: Most Promising, Safe & Reliable Instagram Tool

Open Media LLC  is the creator & main provider of the software service products Combin ( Now, let’s talk about this handy tool having very intuitive design is one of the newest and more powerful service. Actually, Combin is a desktop-based automated & a new service developed.

To attract the attention of potential clients, Combin is the best option. Combin is the most absolute & effective cross-platform tool/service that helps a lot to grow your Instagram Audience organically ensuring an easy exponential growth. One of the appealing feature of using the Combin Service is that its offer period is unlimited (which is basically free of cost), so no need of any such trial period. Combin shows its compatibility with Linux, Mac and Windows platform also.

The major point of using Combin Service is that it offers “Geofencing”. Geofencing is particularly an interesting thing as the user limits the extent of the discovery within the boundary of the city, especially in the event of eventual and local business, to attract users and more likes as well.

Initially, after installing the Combin you’ll find there a welcome window where you have to login with your Instagram account. The cherry on the cake is that there is not any chance of password being stolen. All the details like subscription key, passwords, email-address will be kept confidential.

What are Features ?

Let’s now face all the factual statements of this intelligent service.

So, Here we go with the features:-

  • A very easy communication
  • Its simplicity to use.
  • Refund Policy is there.
  • Unfollow/Follow feature is there.
  • It allows multiple account management.
  • Combin is a time-saver tool
  • Offers Cost-effectiveness
  • Liking & Unliking.
  • Overall functionality is good

What are the Plans and Pricing of Combin Service ?

Personal Plan:

This plan fit perfect for those individuals & businesses having single Instagram Account. The plan has a subscription price of $10 per month having below mentioned features:-

  • One Instagram account management.
  • 500 search results for posts.
  • 500 search results for users.
  • Auto-Tasks to be arriving very soon.
  • Updates in search results automatically.
  • Increase to action limits.
  • DM & Comments (coming soon)

Business Plan:

This plan fit perfect for those individuals & businesses having multiple Instagram Account. The plan is having a subscription price of $30 per month and provides the following features:-

  • Up to 5 Instagram accounts management.
  • 500 search results for posts.
  • 500 search results for users.
  • Search results update automatically.
  • Auto-Tasks coming soon.
  • Unlimited in-app actions.
  • Increased action limits.
  • DM and Comments (Coming soon)
  • Statistics (Coming soon)

Besides these 2 plans offered by Combin, there is also a 3rd plan i.e, (Combin Free Plan) which allows you to add 1 Instagram account & receive nearly about 50 search results. If you want to learn more about these plans, you may visit the Combin official website

How to find the influencer to your Instagram account ?

1. Searching competitors’ followers and following lists

2. Searching popular posts by relevant hashtags and locations

3. Searching popular posts’ authors by event hashtags

Pros & Cons of  Combin


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for beginners
  • Support
  • Availability of free premium version (not need to pay)
  • Offers Geofencing
  • Have very simple and intuitive design
  • Shows its compatibility with windows, linux & mac.


  • Lack of some information in their official website.

My experience & Personal Thoughts with Combin Tool

Combin tool is a smart tool launched in the market that occupies all the essential qualities in it, especially if you are a digital marketer then Combin can help you a lot in saving your precious time & brings profit to you in any manner. Its action-based tracking helps in finding and engaging with targeted audiences, attracting their attention, and attracting subscribers to their subscriber list. Until now, Combin gives the impression of an intuitive, modern and reliable tool that has everything you need to quickly and organically grow the audience on Instagram.

Combin service offers an advanced search by geolocation, hashtags, publication date, or simultaneously on all these parameters. With the help of the service you’ll be able to find potential subscribers among users who read & comment on your competitors and public accounts of Instagram.

Lastly, I must say that Combin is highly recommended & handy application aimed at organic audience attraction. So, no doubt you must  try it once.

Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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