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What are the benefits of using inversion tables?



Inversion tables are designed to utilize gravity to mitigate some of the pressure on spine which gets compressed over time. The idea behind using an inversion table is that of hanging upside down at an angle where your head is lower than your feet which will place decompression on spine which then decreases pressure and pain.

Inversion tables can be risky for heart-disease and glaucoma patients this is why it is crucial to consult a healthcare provider. However there are many benefits associated with it as well. Here are some of them listed:

  • General back pain

Inversion table helps to relieve back pain by offering full-spine traction. Researches show that it has a positive impact on general back pain relief. It inverts the gravity that compresses the spine and may also have caused pinched nerves. It is pretty similar to spinal traction which is done by stretching your spine and reducing pressure on the discs.

  • Joint pressure relief

Your joints may have experienced some level of stress after working out, especially if the workout is high impact. The inversion process helps to stretch and elongate the muscles which is then a good pain reliever. Many medical institutions have also claimed that it may correct some minor misalignments cause by one-sided activities. Nevertheless, such benefit can be enhanced by viewing inversion table reviews like Theodgeeks and getting a better idea about them.

  • Lymph system

According to some surveys and studies, hanging upside down allows to flush some of waste from lymphatic system which has amazing health benefits. Since lymph system allows the waste to travel only in one direction, hanging upside down makes it to clear the lactic acid and other wastes that may be painful.

  • Maintain height

Height has become an issue these days. There many men and women who concerned about their short height. But this has been resolved using inversion tables. In fact an average person shrinks on a minor basis throughout their life. This is caused by spinal compression of gravity. The inversion table avoids this by inverting the process and stretching the spine.

  • Circulation

Blood is supposed to flow through the body in only one direction. The inversion table helps the process to happen more efficiently when hanging upside down. Gravity has an impact on all the organs. Congestion of organs can be done through inversion tables. Stretching by hanging upside down can enhance the lymphatic system to increase flow of fluids which then is good at waste removal.


These are just few of the benefits. There are many other advantages associated with inversion tables as well. However there are a number of things to keep in mind as well. You must read different reviews to get a better idea how things work. There are different inversion tables each offering different characteristics. You must consider features of each of them before purchasing one. Also go through the guide before using it to make the most out of your inversion table.

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