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Bored? Try These Apps To Chase Away The Boredom.



Are you feeling bored? Try some apps to have fun! Technology offers you different ways of spending your free time. With your mobile phone by your side, you can never be bored. It can act as a computer, video player, TV, book and many other things! You only need to install the right apps to start the fun. Discover some amazing apps below, which can chase your boredom away.

Voice Changer

Want to be a ventriloquist? Try the Voice Changer app! It changes your voice, just like Bruce Wayne when he played the role of Batman. Simply record your voice and change it to anything you want. It can be a robot, alien, monster, a child or even a ghost! Plus, there are effects which you can add for extra fun. That’s not all! You can share your changed voice with friends by tapping on the Share icon. Ready to scare your friends?

Lie Detector

Play the detective with the Lie Detector app! Get ready to prank your friends with a question and answer game and see if they tell the truth or not. On the app, you can pre-set the answers or let it pick random ones for Truth & Lie. Let your friends be confused with this wicked app! Several variants of this app are available for Android or iOS mobile phones.

Fake Calls

Want to scare your friends? Try the many Fake Calls apps available these days! Simply select one which suits your device and get ready for an exciting time. Apart from playing pranks, you can also use these apps to get rid of sticky situations. You can already imagine the different scenarios! You may even make it more legit and realistic by scheduling the fake calls and by setting a name, number or picture. These apps are available on Google Play Store and iTunes. Be naughty and install one of them!

Chihuly Glass Blowing

Is glass blowing your hobby? However, it is expensive and hard to learn! To make it easier, check out the Chihuly Glass Blowing app. It is an artistic and innovative app from Dale Chihuly, a master glassblower in Seattle. Enjoy it on your iPhone by selecting a template and using the microphone to blow the glass sculpture. Mould the hot on-screen glass into any desired shape, while adding colours and textures to it. Once it is done, you can upload your creation in an online gallery.

Are you still feeling bored? Click here to enjoy online games at Moon Bingo! You can launch them on any desktop or mobile device anytime and anywhere. Simply install the Moon Bingo mobile app to get started. It allows you to enjoy your favourite online games like bingo, slots, scratch cards and many more. You can also make the most of the fantastic bonuses and promotions.


Get into the shoes of a DJ or newscaster with Mixlr! It is a simple app which allows you to host your own live radio show online. There is also an option to invite friends over social networks or you can send your link on the web and by email. Enjoy a two-way communication with your listeners using the built-in messaging feature. Start your own radio podcast, report breaking news or share your favourite tracks right from your iPhone or tablet. Plus, save your broadcasts online for free.

Virtual Zippo Lighter

Do you love to light a flickering flame to express your appreciation for a soulful performance at a concert? But very often, a real cigarette lighter is not allowed at such an event. That’s why a virtual lighter is always useful! Open it by twisting your wrist, light it up with your thumb and sway along with your hand. When you try to blow it out, it even flutters but does not extinguish. The app also comes with a bonus! It gives you the option to sign up for alerts and listings of DJs and local bands. Enjoy it on your tablet or Android mobile phone.

With such apps, you will always be entertained and they also help in developing your hidden talents and skills.


Hello, I am Abhishek Yadav, I am an Internet Marketer and a Blogger. along with blogging I also have some Programming and content marketing skills. Connect with me on Twitter @Abhinemm to know more about me :)

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